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Pedal to control only loop volume?

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  • Pedal to control only loop volume?

    I have Boss RC-20 and want to be able to fade the loop in/out while maintaining my volume for the non-loop signal. In other words, I want a volume/expression pedal to be set up to do what the "level" knob on the RC-20 does, but I realize it's not exactly that easy. Advice on how to do this?

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    If you want to control the volume from a pedal you'll need to put a volume pedal and some sort of mixer between the RC20 and your amp otherwise you will need a mixer which will let you control each signal independently. Probably need a switching pedal (Radial Big Shot?) so you can switch your guitar signal from going to the looper or to the mixer.

    The Infinity Looper has a jack for a volume pedal that controls the output but I've not tried it to see if this is just the looping output or the whole signal going through the looper.