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Authentic SRV tone with a pedal

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  • Authentic SRV tone with a pedal

    There's a new brand in Pedals and Amps. JCA in Germany. The new TEXAS FLOOD pedal sounds amazing...
    Great tone!

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    Its likely just a Tube screamer clone. Maybe some Fender tone scooping added.

    Honestly I cant see a reason to spend $150 to $200 on a clone when you can simply buy the same pedal SRV actually used.

    SRV's signature sound came from a Tube screamer into a Fender amp using low gain tubes. He also used baseball bat strings low tuned. The thicker strings have a stronger output and when combined with the TS pushing a clean tube amp that spells big blues tone.

    Having the tone and gain only facilitate the opportunity to play like him. You sill have to have the playing sill which is a good 90% of what's needed. I grew up playing the blues allot. SRV was a late comer to the whole blues revival but he did sustain it for quite a few years longer then it would have. ZZ Top with their revival helped there big time too. Though I live in TX now I'm more a fan of players like Hendrix, Winter and Clapton, King etc mainly because I'm older and SRV peaked with the younger crowd. Still a great player however. You can pick up allot of useful licks from his playing and he knew how to make a Strat sound good. Of course he had allot of great mentors for that too.
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      It' s definitely no TS clone. Even with a clean set Plexi you get that sweet SRV tone. Even the play feel is different. No fight for good tone nessesary....


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        It does sound good, but it sure sounds a lot like a TS clone to me... and a TS is what SRV usually used, along with amp overdrive...

        How do you know it's not a TS clone, or TS influenced pedal? Have you seen a schematic, or taken one apart and looked at the circuit?

        Or perchance are you the builder of said pedal?

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          I bought the Texas Flood pedal on their website. I use a Fender Princeton RI and a Marshall Studio 15 amp. I get that sound on the video without problems. I got the TS808 also, but the TS808 got much more mids and less bass. The overdrive sound is different also...


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            I recall Diaz or whoever his amp tech was, speaking on having to revoice SRV's amps for the big strings; something about the spikes shifting out of spec. The demo sounds good enough though.
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              Also there seem to be two competing Texas Floods. One by somebody called Cast and this JCA one.
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                The player in that video has some skill.

                Frankly I was completely unaware SRV used a Tube Screamer though. I thought most of his sound came from 2 Twin Reverbs, a Fender VibroVerb and 2 Marshalls cranked up, heavy strings and a complete surrender to his muse when he played. I saw him play at Fitzgerald's in Houston for $3.00 and the only thing I saw on the floor was a Wah pedal. I saw him play at an arena in Houston a few years later for $125.00...And all I saw was a Wah pedal, The Fenders, and The Marshalls.

                Mind you, I'm not disputing the other reports here whatsoever. There are many,many folks here far more informed and astute as to the minutiae of equipment involved with SRV's sound than I. I'm completely interested and intrigued by this bit of light on how he got his sound...

                But no pedal is going to make anybody sound like Stevie. Stamping Texas Flood on a pedal won't do it either.
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                  I agree. Years ago I used the Axe ultra and I got a nice SRV preset from a user. But if it was such easy to replicate Stevie's tone, everyone could do it. It was Stevie's skill to create that tone.
                  But this pedal makes it far easier for me, to get closer to this sound...