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  • Boss GT 10 Help experts please

    Hello everyone . I decided to upgrade from GT 6 to GT 10. I loved the GT 10 however I lost my 4 favorite patches I'm using on the GT 6. I have those patches saved on my computer as SysEx files and as Text info as well.
    Can I load those sounds from my PC to the GT 10 ? And how exactly?
    Or do I have to use the text info to do it manually? It's confusing! Thanks for reading please help
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    Wow, what a bummer. I would do it manually to be safe.
    To my ears the Roland GT 6 and GT 10, were Roland's best sounding units. Even the newer ones with more bells and whistles don't compare sound wise.
    How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb ? Five , one to screw it in , hit the switch and four to sit around bragging how much better they could have done it !!!! 😱👹😲