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Which is better DBX 2231 EQ or Behringer ultragraph pro fbq6200

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  • Which is better DBX 2231 EQ or Behringer ultragraph pro fbq6200

    Hey guys, to be honest I am not a big fan of Behringer products, don't know if it's because of their cheaper pricing but looking into this EQ the reviews are great but for quality of sound purposes can you guys tell me which might be the better of those two please? The reviews I am finding on that DBX is not all that great.

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    They are two different classes of gear so the DBX is obviously going to be a better piece of gear but when you take into consideration the price differences the playing field is actually more level then you think.

    DBX units sell in the $500 range new. DBX is well known so they can tag on an extra $100 ~ $200 just from their name recognition. The DBX has some noise reduction which may be worth the extra money if your system tends to be hissy.

    The Behringer is less than half the price. The quality of the filters are much better then you think. They will easily match or blow the doors off of many older generation EQ's like Tapco, Dod, MXR, Rane, Crate, Yamaha and dozens of others Though it might have a hard time beating a good Soundcraftman or UREI or SAE unit) . The quality if the build is OK, Not the best and not the worst. Its middle of the road so the DBX might do better there for longevity and durability especially if its used as road gear.

    The Behringer does have something the DBX doesn't have which is feedback detection/suppression. I don't know if its as good as the Sabine units I use but they can surely be handy in reflective rooms. Being able to notch the feedback frequencies will allow you to run the PA louder live. That alone can make a big difference to many, especially if you use hand held condenser mics which produce louder signals and have a wider frequency response.


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      When i look at the Behringer's specs here:
      and the Amazon reviews on it, it outclasses that DBX. So I can get the Behringer brand new for around $200 same price for the DBX used and same price for a used Rane ME60, tough decision for me, advice?


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        You can lead a horse to water but .....


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          Anything used is risky because the sliders get dirty. Cleaning them often makes the problem worse because they usually grease the sliders to move smoothly and once you clean them they no longer move smoothly, they freeze up and are hard to move.

          I buy allot of used gear but I'm an electronic tech by trade and have allot of experience doing repairs so I'm able to properly re-lube sliders after cleaning with pot cleaner.

          The decision will ultimately be yours. Some DBX stuff is really good but they do have a budget line like everyone else.
          I do have a Rane in my Rack. Its a smaller side by side stereo version. Its OK but it doesn't have the crisp highs others do, not that that's essential in a PA and having them softened can help with feedback.

          If you buy used its risky. Someone's unloading something that's no longer used. Maybe its fine, maybe they upgraded, and maybe its seen its day. No way of knowing. When you buy new, you have a warrantee.

          EQ's aren't something you constantly tweak. They are more set and forget. Even if there is some wear so long as it works and hasn't got any broken sliders you should be fine. I know the Behringer is pretty good for sound quality. If its in a protective rack unit and you don't bang the thing around you'll get many good years out of it, plus you have that feedback detection which is real handy juicing up a PA and getting it loud. They are very musical for recording too. The others? The DBX is likely better then the Rane.


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            Contrary to what gear snobs say, Behringer does make good products.
            I bought a Behringer 1124 Feedback Destroyer Pro in 2003, it survived various road trips and served me well as a 12 band Parametric Eq for my guitar rack system live or recording situations and never failed me once.
            I let a singer use my 1124 pro, because he was having a hard time with feedback from his mic. The search and destroy mode to kill feedback attacked the different feedback that haunted certain frequencies as he jumped around stage. Did it's job well in that regard too.
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            How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb ? Five , one to screw it in , hit the switch and four to sit around bragging how much better they could have done it !!!! 😱👹😲


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              The DBX unit is going to destroy Behringer's. Behringer's entire game is to clone other companies but do it with cheaper components so they can sell a higher volume to people who are less serious about quality. Behringer will get the job done, but it won't get it done as good. They're a cheap way to get into the game, one that you should seek to transcend as soon as you can.