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    Bought another Pedal yesterday. This time it was a Dumble emulator. Found one on Reverb for $20.

    Pretty simple knob setup in a mini box.

    Checked a You Tube video to get an idea of how they sounded. The player wasn't very good but the sound quality of the effect pretty decent.
    I'll likely stick this one on my mini pedal board that has a hard case and removable top. I can get 5 normal sized pedals on that board but its a little tight.

    I bought another Aroma pedal, a speaker cab simulator. Actually I bought one then bought a second for direct stereo recording purposes. I can use it with any pedal, effects unit or amp line out and it will add cab tones and get rid of the harshness many pedals and amps can produce plugged in directly to a recorder. as far as I can tell its digital and not just simple EQ tricks. I have many older rack guitar preamps for recording. Some of them have speaker simulation which isn't very good or no cab emulation at all. These units are a great inexpensive solution. Got these in the $25 range before they went up in price to around $35. Still well worth the cost. You can plug them into an amps effects send and add cab modeling. The differences between a small 8" 12" 4X10" 2X12", and 4X12" is quite amazing.

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    Used this recording yesterday and it actually wound up sounding excellent. Its not what you'd call an over the top drive pedal. Its drive is what I'd call as just enough to get the job done and no more then that. Its excellent for playing rock chords.

    For lead its just at the edge of being comfortable without any extra drive to spare with the mini humbuckers I was using. It would likely do a tad better on sustain with full sized HB's and hot wound would sizzle.

    Playing live I'd pair this up with a compressor then just hit the comp for leads and leave it dry for rhythms. This wont go past the point of having maybe 25% dry mixed with the drive tones so you'd have to push it with another pedal for high saturation levels which is fine with me. I like mixing and matching pedals together and often run pedals like a tube screamer with lower saturation to get a combined and more complex drive tone. This one has a very natural frequency response, no mid bump like a TS. This would absolutely kill pushing a smaller tube amp to drive.