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Delay dilemma: KORG SDD3000 vs. Boss DD7

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  • Delay dilemma: KORG SDD3000 vs. Boss DD7


    has anyone experience of both pedals, and if so, how would you say they compare?

    I own the Korg but am thinking of going for a more compact pedalboard, in which case the DD7 would fit the bill nicely in terms of cost/size/features.

    I'm aware that the DD7 is less capable in terms of options, but would like to know if it sounds as good as the Korg, as I can live with a simpler delay. I'm planning on adding a tap tempo pedal if I end up getting a dd7.

    In an ideal world I should be able to try both pedals side by side, but unfortunately that's not an option I have.

    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on this.


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    i own and love the korg, but it only shines in a stereo setup. the dd7 is much simpler and less tweakable, which also could be a plus.

    i'm less experimenting with my sdd and use just the presets i configured myself. for experimenting i use a simple delay pedal. once i found a sound for a song or so i tweak a new preset and save it on the sdd.

    depending on your needs the dd7 can be sufficient enough for you, it definitely is a good sounding delay, but i personally do not want to miss all the features of the sdd3000..


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      Thanks a lot for the feedback man. I'm thinking I'll get a second hand DD7 and test is against my Korg, so I'll see if I really miss something.

      Sorry for my late reply, btw.