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    If Behringer were smart they'd clone all the boutique stuff.

    Get your Fuzz Factory clone for $50
    Get your Way Huge LLama for $40
    Get your Bixonic Expandora for $25

    I may have to get the behringer big muff and phaser clones...

    I know that there's Rockson that makes Boss look-a-likes.

    The Tech21 clone looks cool too.
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        I wonder if Behringer is using 1/8" power jacks on the EHX clones???
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          Something smells bad here. List prices are going from
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            Ethics???.... my ass.....! We're all using ripoff products, one way or another.

            I'm old enough to remember the first japanese cars in Europe - Ford ripoffs. Look at Korean cars today (I drive one) - ripoffs. Watch out for the next step, Chinese cars - first ones I've seen were Honda ripoffs. I can't see much innovation in the American car industry - can you?

            How many different copies of the Les Paul and Stratocaster exists? Does it make it hard for Gibson and Fender to exist? How many of you are playing chinese Agile or SX copies? Ripoffs? Yes!

            How about your TV? If it's plasma, is it a Pioneer? (the main manufacturer of plasma cell screens). What about all other brands? Ripoffs? Is it possible to mod or repair a TV set today? No, it's not, it's all SMD! We throw it away and buys a new one.

            How about CD players - almost every brand is using a design based om Burr-Brown converters - ripoffs? Differences in quality between a lowend and a highend product? Oh yeah!

            Most electronics today are ripoffs, caused by consumer demand for low prices. That leads to low cost production. That's the world today - get over it!

            If this was an ideal world, we would all be driving a Lamborghini, using a german dishwasher from Miele, using a tape recorder from Nakamichi (originally a Tandberg ripoff, but that's a completely different story), tools from Bacho, aso..........

            If you don't like the products, then don't buy it - we're living in a free world.

            Btw... I do not work for Behringer, and my only piece of Behringer equipment is a cable tester (works nicely).

            Btw #2... I still don't understand why a Boss pedal power supply (9V/200 mA) costs 27 Euros, when I can buy an equal product from Ibanez for 15 Euros. Who's been cheated? Boss/Roland or you?
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              Originally posted by autopilot
              i want to preorder the multiefx. it find that it is a great idea, i just wish it had reverb.

              Yeah, that's a multi-effect I would be interested in. All in one little pedal.


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                i don't know if anyone noticed BTR-2000... guess what, it's a rack tuner + red racklight ... reminds me on something ;d

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                  behringer just wants more money....


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                    Originally posted by Jebus0000

                    I think he left out the part about paying 5 cents a day to some poor chinese kids to make the crap.

                    True, but in all fairness to Behringer, Mackie's stuff is all made in China now and their stuff costs more than twice Behringer's, and honestly, in my experience as a dealer, the Mackie stuff isn't any better than the Behringer anymore. At one time it was a LOT better, but in my opinion, the Mackie stuff isn't made as well as it used to be.

                    There was a comment made earlier in the thread about using a Behringer mixer in live sound and how the poster didn't think much of it and how you had to pan things way out of whack. I would have to take exception to that statement. I've sold a pretty good number of Behringer mixers in the last couple years and I've had nothing but good comments on them from customers, and not a single one has come back in for service.

                    I think the idea of lesser expensive pedals from Behringer is awesome. I can see selling a pile of these........ a large, large pile.
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                    • Originally posted by imai_h
                      behringer just wants more money....

                      no ****************?

                      last time i checked, that was the whole point of a business.
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                      • $2 from the sale of each pedal gets donated to Behringer's legal team.
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                        • I bet these things turn out alright.......overseas/cheapo Boss ripoffs exist in heaps these days, and they come in identical metal inclosures. But I have a V-AMP 2, and no the amp models aren't going to replace anybody's boutique stomp box or tube amps, but some of the effects and gainier amp models sound great for what they are. I bet that the Big Muff, Tech-21, and modulation ripoffs are going to be pretty solid products.
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                          • I'll be surprised if Boss, EH, Tech 21 NYC and others don't file trademark/trade dress infringement suits when these come out. Behringer has some balls, by using similar colors, shapes, and fonts on the design and even outright saying what pedal its copying. With all the money they saved on R&D costs though, they could probably afford some good lawyers


                            • Originally posted by jcn37203

                              With all due respect, this is totally insane.

                              Microsoft and Behringer are nothing alike. MS got rich by actually innovating,


                              Obviously, you don't know your Computer history, do you?

                              Windows was SO stolen from Apple (who got their graphic OS as a big gift from Xerox Park)...the fact of the matter is that this whole thing was started over at Xerox...and the only inovation that happened was a bunch of 70s jackoffs knew how to rebrand the **************** and sell it.

                              Don't ever use the words inovation and Micro$oft in the same sentence. You're NOT Bill Gates...and Bill himself sounds like a stupid ass when saying it. Just think of how *you* sound!


                              • they seem to have changed the look since mid-april
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