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  • Digitech PDS 20/20

    who uses the digitech pds-multiplay?

    i've got one coming in the mail this week and I want to mod the delay times. any tips?

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    pretty sure that's gonna **************** up the other modes, so chorus and flange don't work right. otherwise, rad.


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      I plan on only using it as a looper.


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          Stock its a 2 second looper but I've heard of people getting 20 seconds out of them by adjusting the trim pots. I'm not sure which pots it is but The more you adjust it the dirtier the repeats get.
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            anyone know specifically which trimpots?


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              From geekchat:

              The one closest to the output is the Delay time. The one Closest the the huge DIGITECH on the side is the Feedback....
              The third is the balance(I don't **** with this one).
              You will want to mess with the feedback to get it to delay infinitly.
              The Delay time will break up after 5 seconds.
              Play with it and it will get to about 20, BUT....You will get clock noise. meaning a high pitch squeel will bleed into the signal. I deal with it at higher settings.
              But at 5 seconds it won't break up or bleed through. Just be a bit low-fi

              Test it out before you tweak, though. Make sure the volume level is ok and the feedback is manageable. Then mark the settings in case you goof up somewhere. And DON'T touch the balance trim. Just the slightest tweak could ruin your amp/ears.

              I have mine set for about 7-8 seconds, so it's on the verge of bitcrushed goodness at higher delay settings. It's a fookin' sweet pedal.


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                Woot, the PDS series rules. I tweaked my 20/20 for self-oscillation, but I left the delay time at something around 2 seconds since I don't really use it as a conventional looper much. I really love the hold delay though and I use it to loop short "runs" which sound awesome with some reverb and delay after it.
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                  I've got mine tweaked out to like 6 seconds maybe? I forget, I never use the full time, just like the degraded sound it gets when you tweak out the trim pots.

                  Do you need to know which trim pots do which? I could probably describe that for you if you want
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                    I have a pic on a different computer that shows it. I'll try to post it tomorrow.
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                      the pic from guitargeek is the one i used to mod mine. cranked the feedback to max then mess with the delay one. dont touch the balance one
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                        Aren't the trimpots labelled?
                        (printed on the PCB under the trimpot)

                        They are on the DFX- pedals and the RDS- rack effect versions.

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                          great pedal i like mine stock though.
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                            pretty sure that's gonna **************** up the other modes, so chorus and flange don't work right. otherwise, rad.

                            it doesn't though! minimum delay times are still available. so cool. love this pedal
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                              i turned the feedback up a bit on mine so that it self oscillates at max and i wound up the delay time to something like 15 seconds (can't remember exactly). the modulation modes still work fine.