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Which Distortion?? (Amletic dillemma from Italy)

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  • Which Distortion?? (Amletic dillemma from Italy)

    Hi all,
    this is my first post here although I've been following HC for ages!!!

    So...first of all...I'm Francesco...guitarist and singer...I'm currently playing in a band and our influences come from BritRock like Stereophonics, Oasis and Feeder...

    My actual set-up is (VARIOUS AMPS - since im studyin in UK for logistic issues I cant have one on my own, so it depends from gig to gig, from studio to studio)---> EHX NANO SOUL PREACHER ---> MENATONE KING OF THE BRITAINS (last version, used mainly as overdrive) ---> EHX SMALL CLONE ---> MALEKKO PHASE ---> GIBSON SG '97.

    Well, formerly, I had also a distorsion...a s*it distorsion (IMHO) from digitech called HOT HEAD...well it was ok...but not as good as the rest so I decided to sell it to buy a MXR DOUBLE SHOT...but now...I read that this distortion is not s good as I thought...people say that sounds comin from it seems to be the same from all the guitar and there is no dynamic...

    I was dramatically disappointed from these reviews cuz it is one of the distortion used by Kelly Jones from Stereophonics and now I'm not so sure I wanna buy it...

    Moreover I can't try so many pedals since around here I can find only cheappy Behringer or stuff like this...I tried all the BOSS and DIGITECH distortion...but I can't find one I really like.

    Now...what I would like to ask you is: can u suggest me some dist pedals I can hear on youtube? what do u think of these pedal with valves??


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    Hi Francesco! welcome to HCFX

    you want something quite saturated.. mid to high gain? maybe look at the Proco Rat / Turbo Rat?

    i wouldn't bother with valve-distortion pedals. unless they're very expensive they're not that great.. the Blackstar HT-Dual is pretty decent, but it needs it's own power supply and is pretty big.
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      these are my two favorites,but sometimes I just like the sound of my amp when its really loud,and maybe add a treble booster to put it over the top.
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        Hey Francesco!
        Welcome to HCFX!
        as gambit said I really recommend a rat/rat variant for 90's rock especially brit!
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          If you can somehow find one cheap, the Hardwire SC-2 distortion is a great dirt pedal with a crunch and saturated mode switch. Bonus - the EQ has both high and low so it's better than most.
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            Hi Francesco! I recently bought a Boss HM-2 distortion, which is fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to you. I hope you find something great.
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              thanks folks,

              I'm looking at all of these...and I really love some of them...

              But...have anyone ever used a MXR Double Shot??? And what du ya think about it?

              i need it a distortion in order to play song like these: