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Tone Factor Is Done :(

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    As for the PGS hate here, not sure I quite get it.


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      Formerly known as sausagefoot.


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        Wow...what ****************ty news.
        I loved ToneFactor.


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          Sad news - they were a great site and company.
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            I hope the reason for this is that Brad decided he wanted to do something else, and there just weren't enough hours in the day to do both.

            Brad's one of the good guys. I wish him all the best in whatever his new endeavor is.

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              Prymaxe is my personal fav but I much preferred Tonefactor over PGS. Sad news, great guys, helped me out a bunch.


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                Prymaxe has a 15% sale today :|
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                Originally Posted by IRG:
                "reunula speaks the trooth"


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                  Haha, it is business, sorry if you don't like competition. Even Catalinbread has made up.


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                    I was sad when I read the email that went out. I got many a fine deal from those fine folks.
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                      Prymaxe has a 15% sale today :|

                      It's an "Up to" 15% off sale. 5% for 49$ or less, 10% for 149$ etc.

                      Originally Posted by misterstomach

                      I'm more concerned that people **************** their pants and cry when i play than i am that it sounds good.


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                        Sad news indeed. I had the pleasure of being Brad's webmaster for 4-5 years or so, and he was always great to work with. Many calls to talk about site updates ended up talking about gear or bands and stuff.

                        It felt really cool to be "part" of that site for those years, because I could come over here and see how well you guys accepted it and the appreciation you had for Brad and the level of service he was giving.

                        It's been a couple years since I've helped out (no bad blood at all, just too many other things going on for me), but I wish him the best of luck.

                        Always felt bad that I wasn't one of his regular customers and buying more (not that I was buying from anyone really). Have been planning in doing a little splurging with this years bonus, but guess I'll just have to see what you guys have left on his shelf!

                        I think it's really cool that Brian can say what he did. I think there might be a couple other builders who are still around that we can probably say TF had a lot to do with still being relevant.

                        Best of luck... long live MojoHand.


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                          Haha, it is business, sorry if you don't like competition. Even Catalinbread has made up.

                          Look harder.


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                            Sad news. Tonefactor had amazingly good customer service.
                            Originally Posted by DunwichAmps

                            meh. more fuzz and dist


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                              Too bad all the Prometheus DLX's are out, I'd pick up one of those
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                                Look harder.

                                Uh, sure.