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    All prices are in Euros, and does not include shipping or PP

    Muff, used, with battery cover and wooden case - Sold
    Small Stone, used, missing battery cover- 150

    Lo-Tone, tried once, in original box - 210
    Hep Cat, tried once, in original box - 210

    Hot Cake, never used, in original box - 120
    Skreddy Screwdriver, tried out, in original box, with case candy - 150
    Fulltone OCD V.1, used, use to be velcro'd, in original box - 120

    Black Cat OD-1, old version, tried out - 100
    Vox Tone-Bender, 90's version, mod'd with 9V jack - Sold
    Hot Wire Audio, Silicon Fuzz Face clone with extra transistors - 75

    PedalWorx NeoDrive, prototype, used, velcro'd - 100
    Catalinbread SCOD, upright green version, top cracked off the top of one of the knobs - 120
    Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso, old leather cover version, in original box, velcro'd - 120

    Analog.Man Astro Tone, in original box and clothbag - 110
    Analog.Man Juicer - Sold

    Zvex Seek Wah, Myrold paint - 120
    Dunlop Tremolo/Pan - Sold

    TC Electronic pedals
    Booster/Distortion original box - 140
    Sustain/Para.EQ, original box - 140
    TC XII Phaser B/K version, original box, and program jacks - 200
    TC XII Phaser B version - 140
    TC VII Phaser - Sold

    Moog Moogerfooger 104Z Delay, with psu - Sold
    Roger Mayer Mongoose Fuzz - 75

    Only selling these together.
    All original Marshall pedals, in unused condition, and in their original boxes - 600

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      I'm selling my DEP-1C that I housed in a proper pedalborad friendly enclosure.

      It's sold as a tabletop kit unit with no proper housing, so this is much better for guitarists. It's true bypass, and I moved all the on board switches to the outside of the enclosure, with LEDs so you can see what's on/off.

      This thing is a noise beast! There's seven different modes - I've attached a video of how the pitchshifter works. It's like a very dirty synth in a box, sounds like a very gone wrong PS-3 mode 7.

      I like it a lot, but it's too noisy for my use - it would really suit some experimental approach, and particularly impressive with loops so you can manipulate sounds on the fly.

      I'd like


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        Everything comes with original box and velcro on the bottom + mint. condition:
        - Way Huge RingWorm: 100
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          Selling this on behalf of a friend:

          Engl powerball (version 1) with Z5 footswitch for
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            including postage in the UK

            [COLOR="silver"]Boss BD-2 - SOLD
            Danelectro v1's: Drive, TOD, Fuzz -
            Youtube Pedal Vids
            For Sale: (including special delivery in UK)
            ToneFactor Nebular - £40
            Line 6 RotoMachine - £46
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              EHX Freeze - Mint, boxed with EHX power supply and papers etc.
              Originally Posted by RoboPimp

              doesn't everyone have a psychedelic dungeon?

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                Spent my Euros on a new amp, so these guys gotta go:

                Providence Chrono Delay, brand new in box with power adapter (uk style prong)!
                Price: 275 EUR

                Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD Handwired, practically brand new in box, two little pieces of velcro installed, great sounding and responsive light OD!
                Price: 175 EUR

                Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah, brand new in box, great pedal in a small package!!
                Price: 135 EUR

                Moog MF-105 Murf, practically brand new, no box, power supply included
                Price: 300 EUR

                Caroline Wave Cannon, very good condition, killer pedal! Comes with the Havoc switch!!
                Price: 150 EUR

                Fuzzhugger FX / Secret Seasons Snowflake Fuzz, rare silicon fuzz, serial number 2 of 4, hand built by Tom Dalton from Fuzzhugger Fx and hand painted by Laura Bennett (Zvex and so...), comes with a spare back cover so you can velcro it without damaging its incredible finish, sounds really great but I finally convinced myself I
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                  Just bought a sweet amp I sorta kinda can't really afford

                  I have no choice but to part with a couple of my beloved pedlols:

                  -BAT lstr: 6 months old, excellent condition. 120Euro
                  -Vexter Fuzz Factory: VG Condition. 110Euro
                  -OLC Chunky cheese (big cheese clone): 60Euro

                  Prices should be fair considering the new prices and/or availability in the EU, so they're fixed, and unfortunatelly I can't do trades atm...


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                    Here is a nearly new MXR EVH 90 phase - there are some slight marks on the paint, which can be seen in the picture (left side above "output" and lower right corner). These were there from new. The pedal has literally been sat in it's box and used once or twice. Never gigged, no velcro.


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                      Paypal Gift please, no trades, I need to pay for a Deluxe Memory Boy

                      TC Corona Chorus. Includes USB cable and paperwork, haven't got the original box. Good condition, full working order.
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                        My Skinpimp 4 knobs buzzaround, like new, no velcro, with box, for your analogman peppermint fuzz.
                        SOLD thanx henry_13
                        Nice guys to deal: Henry_13, fortytwo.


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                          Boss RV-3

                          Originally Posted by Zappa74

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                            For sale - Digitech Digiverb, good condition -


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                              MadeByMikePedals Silicon Fuzz Face on eBay (no reserve)

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                                Have these:

                                Don't have any use for them right now, so I will trade either towards a Behringer Superfuzz or any other pedals around the same value. Try me if you have anything in mind. Ideally, both toward a Dano French Toast, or a Gator Power Supply and i'll pay shipping both ways

                                Sorry for not providing pictures, but i lost the cable to my digital camera. Will provide crappy cellphone pcitures on request.
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