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    SIX knob custom tremolo pedal.
    It has a switch for sine/triangle. Then, there is a mix, volume, fine tuning, space, speed, waveshape selector.
    It's also got two leds, one for on off, and then one that flashes in tempo with the pedal.
    Please make me a cash offer, or a trade. Thanks.


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      like holy zep fuzz batman!

      straight up Sola MKII Pro clone (except one internal trimmer & battery on/off mini toggle) - Monsterpiece style
      transistors are nos SFT352 Germanium in the proper range

      the sound is Majestic

      $159.95 shipped to USA/Canada (add $15.00 for intl shipping to other countries)

      Builder of Monsterpiece Pedals


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        Eventide Timefactor with power supply, no box, with velcro can include a PP2+ cable that'll make it go, too. too complicated for me.


        EQD Organizer... just didn't vibe with it, super cool, though. $155

        Subdecay Prometheus - $175

        Hartman Silicon fuzz - custom circuit - $75

        DE-7 $55

        this is my 1 post for the month.


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          Agile Ghost on eBay: 84.m1555.l2649#ht_778wt_922

          Great Transactions thread:


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            Mesa Recto 2x12 on eBay: 84.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_922

            Great Transactions thread:


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              Selling my extra cables as my pedalboard has shrunk for once!
              These were all purchased new from Lava Cable.
              The Sommer Spirit XXLs are great sounding, and flexible cables.
              G&H black housing, gold stem ends.
              Email is best for communication- cammshaft23 AT

              Patch Cables- ($16.95 + shipping new from Lava)
              $11.00 shipped for each, $40.00 shipped for all of them
              (3) 6" patch cables (R/A ends)
              (1) 11" patch cable (R/A ends)

              Main Cables- (15' is $54.95 + shipping new, 10' is $46.95 + shipping new)
              (1) 15' cable (straight ends) $45.00 shipped

              TAKE THE 15' AND ALL THE PATCH CABLES FOR $75.00 shipped!

              (1) 10' cable (straight ends) SOLD
              (1) 10' cable (angled/straight end) SOLD

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                I have about 50 AC188s

                I can match them too if you'd like. Most are good. Few have pretty high leakage. Bought them to test in a fuzz design and just don't like them for that design. I don't like making clones, so I'd rather just get rid of them than make a new pedal around them.

                - SPAM -
                Fender HRD White Lightning - Limited run of 800 - PM me
                Two Celestion Seventy 80 speakers - 16ohm - $100 for the pair


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                  MadeByMikePedals Silicon Fuzz Face on eBay (no reserve)

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                    WTT: My el capistan for your empress vmsd.
                    Like new condition. Power supply and original box included.

                    Now with 100% more pictures!
                    My musicMy band"You can never have too much reverb son - write that down.- Phil Spector


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                        Got a nice Fender Modern Player Tele Plus. It's a really nice guitar, plays well, sounds good, I'm just not bonding with it. Set up with 11's with a nice low action.

                        Looking for a nice Strat, preferably with a maple neck, but will entertain other offers. Would also sell for the right price. They are $399 new.



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                          For sale solid state drive. Make your computer blistering fast.

                          40 dollars paypal shipped. Payed more than twice as much for it.

                          pm if interested
                          Strawberry fields...


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                            Warmoth Cabronita Pearloid-Caster

                            I put this together awhile ago, and it's been mainly a backup to my other Tele's and my LP in live applications. Mahogany body, topped in white pearloid, sides and back shot in Sonic Blue by Warmoth. Neck is an AllParts C-shape slab from when they were made in Japan. New nut has been put on, could use some leveling/sanding down on the fretboard ends of it (Nut edges ONLY, neck is perfect!). Simple job, just haven't had a chance to get to it. Gretsch p/up surrounds, Filtertrons, Wilkinson half-bridge and a Electrosocket jack round out this beauty! To note: Knobs have been changed out since the pics, they are white "Fender-Amp" style.

                            $725 Fee Free PP/Shipped CONUS w/case

                            Trade ideas: Prefer to sell but would LOVE a Silver Klon, or consider a PRS CE or Dr. Z Mini Combo
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                              FS: Neunaber Wet reverb V3

                              Just got this directly from Neunaber, and definitively I'm not a reverb guy. The pedal is mint in box.

                              $160 shipped and paypal'd anywhere. I ship from Japan using Express Mail (EMS), it's trackable and crazy fast.

                              I would trade it straight for a Hartman Vintage Germanium Fuzz.



                              Good deals lonk


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                                $125 Shipped in lower 48. Great sounding wah with plenty of resonant quack. this week only. Just $100 shy on my new Nord so lets move this thing!


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                                If they don't do anal within a month i'm totally disinterested as they clearly don't respect my needs.


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