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    [COLOR="red"]Buy all 4 for $350 shipped/paypal or $100 each.

    All pedals are BRAND NEW in box. Prices are shipped/paypalled to U.S. Will add pics soon.

    Mojo Hand Huckleberry fuzz (green)

    Mojo Hand Sugar Baby tremelo (red)

    Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan fuzz (earlier silver model)

    Pigtronix Aria Disnortion

    Originally Posted by echodeluxe

    needs more juice.

    Good Deals with: NITEFLY182, Spudro, Tolling Bells, Duderanimous, IRG, raine36, Clorox, ATauO, sparky_8, timeforheroes, Amplifier Worship, rohr28 and several others here and at TGP




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      Good deals with: TheCardiacKid, Nightraven, AverPhil, AimmarCair (x2), midi_in, draines1220, digiTED (TGP), themroaring20's (TGP), cjkbug (TGP), whsdhs1 (TGP)


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        Tested and works great. Comes with power supply and manual.
        $139 shipped and PP'd


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          AMT P1 - $85 shipped in the continental 48 US states

          AMT M1 - $85 shipped in the continental 48 US states (has velcro on bottom for pedal board)


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            Here is a BYOC ESV MKII recently bought kit so it should be the newest version whatever that is.
            Built it myself.This is my first build.Its not super pro-looking but I don't think its bad,you decide.It worked the first time and the build is relatively clean.
            Apparently they don't have any more of this batch of OC75's.
            Surprising good sounding Tone Bender.The best?No.But nicer than a lot I've heard for way more.
            I also did the graphics.Fudged it up the first time so I had a buddy sand blast it.He also smoothed a lot of the rough corners.As you might know these boxes that come with these kits aren't that smooth.Much nicer now.
            I put about 20 coats of satin clear on it looks pretty cool.
            I put Cream Pedal parts plus chicken head knobs on it.(about $2 a piece after shipping)Much nicer look.I have black and white if you prefer or I can put the BYOC ones back on and take $4 off.
            Looking for what I got into it plus a little for my time and shipping.
            $125 crappy pics below

            Next up is a Pre-Dunlop MXR Phase 100
            No LED, Block Logo.
            This is the same circuit board as the Script logo.
            Don't pay extra for the font.This one sounds Identical to my buddies script.
            Got this for some versatility witch it has in spades but I find myself gravitating to the same sounds my 90 makes so off to one of you guys.
            Looking for $150 crappy pic below.

            These two make a great pair for your psychedelic jams and then some.

            Take both for $250 shipped
            LWR 48 ONLY sorry.
            Originally Posted by NITEFLY182

            The correct answer is "I'm building it because **************** you."


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              FIRE SALE

              Need to sell some stuff quick! Will have pics soon or contact me and I'll get you some

              Offers welcome!

              Catalinbread V2 Dirty Little Secret (pink) - $100

              Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy - $70

              Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer (big box) - $old

              Electro-Harmonix vintage 70's 10 Band Graphic Equalizer - $70

              Electro-Harmonix Small Stone -$60
              BOARD, RIG

              Originally Posted by Bob Marley

              Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

              Good deals with: booher, Coach, leer43, blueballoon, schismed, pigeontoe, Rgkchile, wiklund87, conky, Sidd, bennintexas, PumpkinPieces, Sunsetcarcrash, hivedestruction, Gearhunter, 6StrngStrangler, duderanimous, marshmi, TerrorStorm, wrathchild1, goodhonk, T ned


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                Looking for trades only unless noted otherwise.
                Wantlist is at the bottom.

                EH Cathedral (no box or adapter. Great pedal.)
                Boss PS-3 Pitch shifter delay
                [COLOR="red"]MJM London Fuzz (gone)
                Devi Ever / Effector 13 Soda Meiser w/ chaos switch - Rare version.
                Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah from early 2003 in box and cool clear feet. Sounds excellent. - $220 or trades
                MXR Variphase CSP-001 (Rare pedal not made anymore, and this one is minty. No box.)
                Keeley 2 knob compressor in box. Studio standard.

                Clark Gainster
                Skreddy Echo
                Mellowtone Wolf Computer standard issue
                Wilson Ten Spot 2 wah
                Univox Micro Fazer
                Wampler Paisley or Ego Compressor
                Diamond Compressor
                BYOC OD2 or Envelope Filter (v2) kits
                Thinline or solid Tele body
                Deering Goodtime open-back banjo
                Peavey Grind Bass (4 or 5 string)
                Istanbul cymbals... Maybe old Sabians too.

                I'm kinda picky, but try me if you think you have something I might like. Thanks for looking.


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                  Spam in signature.
                  Formerly known as sausagefoot.


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                    Would like to trade my ZVex Box of Rock (handpainted, US made) for a Bearfoot Honey Bee.
                    good deals: fuzztone, thefragile103, schecterc1lh, mr_goodbomb, 4nkam, twofoolsaminute, jackpotjewell, alecto, brianwahl, AngelofHop, KjStrat62.

                    interviewer: Do you feel like there’s any definitive sound that you’ve been solidifying over your career?

                    thom yorke: I f***ing hope not.


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                      sold, see sig for other stuff pls.


                      bitcrusher, pls.
                      FOR SALEBruno Royal Artist 12 string hollowbody $525Tapco 6000R spring reverb mixer


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                        All Paypal'd/Shipped, CONUS only, no trades please.

                        ss/bs **************** Overdrive - $165

                        Boss OC-2 (made in Taiwan) - $75

                        Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper - $105

                        EHX LPB-1 - $25

                        MXR Custom Comp - $105


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                          Thinking about freshening up my pedalboard. Time to try new flavors.

                          Voodoo Labs Tremolo: 4 knob version. Excellent Condition w/original box & paperwork. $90

                          Monster Effects El Dorado: Long since discontinued, hand wired number from John Spears. Medium gain pedal (lower gain precursor to the Mastortion). Great ZZ Top-ish Tweedish OD sounds. Hand pinstriped top. A few nicks in finish (nothing major). $100

                          Both pedals can be seen here on my pedalboard (I've also got a gut shot of the El Dorado if you want it).


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                            Black Sovtek Big Muff mint condition, in box, comes with battery-to-9V adapter (version 8)

                            [COLOR="red"]$112 PP&S'd


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                              WTB: Boss RV-5 and Pedal Power 2+


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                                I have a big box Mellowtone Wolf Computer fuzz with the older blue and yellow Mellowtone graphics that I would like to sell. All the knobs have sharpie marks beside them of my favorite settings, unfortunately and i dont have the box. Other than that its in great shape. It does everything from lo fi fuzz to an overdrive, to a stoner/drone sound to glitchy madness... Velcroed shipped and paypal'd for $100... I will email a pic if you pm me with your email address... No trades please...
                                1*WANNABE SINGER/SONGWRITER/GENIUSGibson SG w/ Vibrola > Pedal Monsters Klone > JHS Superbolt > EHX Deluxe Memory Man > EHX Holy Grail > Boss TU-2 > 2 Handwired Fender Princeton Reverb RI 1x12s