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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 5-28-12

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    Cusack Tap-a-whirl v2. Good condition, comes with box and box candy. Looking to trade for a Nova Modulator or a Skreddy Lunar Module (i can add a bit of cash) or i could sell it outright.

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    Agile Al-3000
    Peters Gryphon
    Mesa Traditional 4x12

    Check out my band, it would be greatly appreciated


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      Can we post guitars in here too? If not, PM me and I'll delete this post.

      FS: 2002 Fender US Strat - $525

      I'm in a financial bind and I need to sell this thing ASAP!

      Here's the Ebay link (but I'd prefer for you to buy it directly from me, of course): _1344


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        Sadly, I gotta clear out some gear (yet again) to pay my mother's bills . All prices are shipped...with the exception of the monitors. Local pickup only on those due to the weight (I'm in the Philly NW Suburbs).

        KRK Rokit 5 (Brand New in Box) / $300 + tax if you buy them at a store! - $275 for both

        Blue Spark Mic (Brand New in Box) / $200 + tax if bought at a store! - $185

        Eventide TimeFactor Delay (Like New)- $350

        Line6 Verbzilla (Exc. Condition) - $120

        Samson USB Condenser Mic (Exc. Condition) - $40

        x2 Whirlwind Direct Box (Exc. Condition) - $15/each

        No games please...I'm not interested in trades for your crappy distortion pedal or anything mother's taxes need paid, so I need cold hard cash! I can take PayPal for the shipped items or cash on delivery for the monitors. PM me if interested.
        Drums: Pearl / Sabian / ProMark / LP / Evans - Too many to list!

        Guitar: 2011 Fender American Vintage '72 Telecaster Thinline RI > Korg Pitch Black > Laney VC30 212

        Bass: CIJ Fender Mustang > Korg Pitch Black > MXR Bass DI / Preamp > Crush Pix CR100BXT


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          Golly, there are some killer prices floating around the Spam Thread these days. Wish I had money.

          Also, in.
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            ~~FOR SALE / NO TRADES~~

            [COLOR="lime"]BOSS PN-2 PAN TREMOLO --> excellent condition and works perfectly. The Serial Number dates it back to the very first year of production; November 1990. Now's your chance to pick up a great sounding Stereo Trem for a great price! $140 shipped to the lower 48.

            NOCTURNE EFFECTS EL SELTZERADO FUZZ DE LOS MUETAS --> brand new and unused with original box, etc. Great early '60s fuzz that nails those great Mosrite and early Maestro tones with the added benifet of a Tone knob. This is the Black Sparkle edition with Gold Davies knobs. $150 shipped to the lower 48

            CUSTOM AUDIO ELECTRONICS FREDDY FUZZ --> perfect condition and an excellent Fuzz/OD. Very similar to Analogman's AstroTone. This is for the silkscreened version with the LED.
            $100 shipped to the lower 48

            [COLOR="dimgray"]MXR M-107 FLANGER RI --> brand new, in-the-box with all paperwork, manuals, etc. $100 shipped to the lower 48

            MXR M-117 10-BAND EQ --> same condition although the cardboard box has a slight tear. $100 shipped to the lower 48

            [COLOR="#2e8b57"]ANALOGMAN TR-2 TREMOLO --> $OLD

            [COLOR="sienna"]BOSS FRV-1 '63 FENDER REVERB --> $OLD
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              No trades and no International shipping, sorry. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority and PayPal fees. Velcro on all of them because I played them since they're all awesome - aside from that they are all in as new condition unless otherwise specified. I also have have rubbed my balce on many of them - no extra charge for that.



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                All prices shipped ConUS(international at your expense, usps priority), usps money order or paypal.

                As for trades, feel free to offer what you have. I'd be particularly interested in:
                Lumpy's Tone Shop MKII (possibly other Tone Benders by him)
                Dice Works Pedals (Not Muff Divers/Finale/Dice-O-Matic)
                NKT-213 loaded buzzaround
                2n5133 loaded Big Muff clone
                Danelectro Backtalk Reverse Delay

                V1 EHX Small Stone. Ronsound repaired it recently. $175 shipped.

                V2 EHX Small Stone. Rounsound repaired it recently. $160 shipped.

                Analogman Peppermint fuzz. Has a few light scratches on the bottom plate. Included are the box, bag, card, sticker and feet. $160 shipped.

                MXR 6-band EQ. Excellent condition. $50 shipped.

                CMATMODS Analog Chorus. The printed font is smudged slightly, purely cosmetic. Sounds really great. $115 shipped.

                Proco Rat II. Made in America. Has the OP chip, not the LM308. Excellent shape in the box. Box is weathered. $120 shipped.

                Filmore Pedals SuperSustain. I believe this is based on the Orange squeezer circuit. Runs on 18v. Sounds good but compressors aren't my thing it turns out. $65 shipped.

                Boss BF-2. MIJ. Has the Wampler/Indyguitarist mods. $65 shipped.

                EHX Small Clone. Case has a slight dent in the bottom. It in no way hinders performance and it works perfectly. $50 shipped.

                Danelectro Talk Box. Needs the tube/mic but that's $12.99 at most music stores. Otherwise excellent condition with box and papers. $45 shipped.

                Danelectro Slap echo. Knob missing but you can still turn it. Free with purchase of any two things.

                KR Musical Products Mega Vibe. Sounds great, has a few light scratches. Power supply included. $525 shipped.

                EHX Electric Mistress. 18v model. Modded by Erich at Dice Works for:
                True Bypass
                Volume Drop Fix
                Boss Style power jack (still 18v)

                Sounds really great and I'm only letting it go because I have another.
                $400 shipped.

                EHX Deluxe Memory Man. Great unit, low noise and works perfectly. A slight amount of white noise at the highest delay setting (A bit longer delay time than some units I've had). Missing 1 rubber foot on the bottom. $385 shipped.

                Fulltone Soul Bender. 3 NKT275 model. Sound excellent, works perfectly. A few scratches. $200 shipped.

                Good Transactions List


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                  [COLOR="red"]I want your Micro Pog or Pog 2. I've got some pedals for sale / trade in my sig. Make me a cash or trade offer.

                  Diamond Skeleton Digital Pitch Modulator (pre Suppuku FX) - make offer

                  MXR Phase 90 w/ box (has blue led though) $50

                  Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper v2 w/ box (#18) make offer

                  Malekko E600d w/ box make offer

                  Boss OC2 $50

                  Sovtek Small Stone SOLD

                  Emperor 2x12 w/ Weber 65s 16 ohm. White with black and silver grill cloth. Some scratches, mostly on top of cab. $525 shipped

                  Boss GX-700 and Roland GFC-50- comes with power supply. Input on rear of preamp doesn't work. Was like that when I bought it, I've used the front input with no problems. I've got a MIDI cable for the footswitch. Will split up if you want. Make offer.

                  I also need a 1M-C (reverse log/audio) pot. Hook me up.

                  I run a small label / distro and just put this compilation out featuring 16 tracks of doom, grind, and ambient noise. Some forumites band's are on here as well. They are free with any purchase from my site but if you want one by itself it's $5ppd.

                  You can stream it here:
         - my band
         -my label
         99 - good deals


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                    Upstate Analog MORE. $100 + shipping
                    Point to point wired Mosfet boost with huge output... and Daka Ware knob.

                    Upstate Analog Lunar Trem $125 + shipping
                    Awesome tremolo with loads of control over your sound, no volume drop (adjustable trimmer inside), status and rate led's


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                      Vintage Ibanez Wau Wau Standard - 150$

                      Catalinbread Semaphore (vertical original version) - 135$

                      This is a custom made T1M expression pedal, photo sensitive style!
                      The foot switch works as a momentary expression pedal, so off would be heel down, and when you step on it it would be toe down.
                      The toggle on the side switches between the photo eye and the momentary switch.
                      I have tested this with boss and electro harmonix pedals, and it works with both.


                      Interested in Stereo univibe/Leslie type pedals as trades. or whatever, analog delays are cool too. try me...
                      Good deals

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                        FS/FT: New In Box Empress Superdelay with all the papers etc. $310 Shipped and Paypal'd. Would trade for an Eventide Timefactor.
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                        then comes years of waiting for sweet death.


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                          Vexter Fuzz Probe (as new in box) - $270

                          Ibanez DPL10 Pan Delay - $95

                          Skreddy Pig Mine - $204

                          Devi Ever Ruby - $102

                          Digitech XP100 Whammy Wah (fairly beat up) - $94

                          Things I'm Looking for:
                          patch cables
                          Power supply (PP2+ etc)
                          MXR Carbon Copy or Malekko Ekko 616
                          Mastery Bridge
                          midi bass pedals or some kind of taurus equivalent
                          try me for anything really though.


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                            will post pics later - all prices shipped priority/paypal'ed in us. will ship int'l but you cover shipping & extra fees on shipping. ebay feedback 82jar. no trades unless you have an ipod touch 64gb

                            blackout effectors mantra black on black w/ box $115 - pending
                            foxrox octron 2 $250
                            analogman sunlion v1 ti/uk trannies w/ bag $SOLD
                            ehx pog 2 w/ box, adapter $250
                            ehx freeze w/ box $90 - pending
                            secret seasons snowdrift w/ box $200
                            sonicvi lovetone big cheese clone $SOLD
                            copilot android ring mod w/ box $90
                            boss ps-3 pitch shifter/delay - missing 1 knob, non functional LED - $75
                            boss rv-5 reverb w/ box $90
                            boss dsd-2 delay/sampler $95
                            red witch moon phaser w/ box $SOLD
                            bixonic expandora w/ box $175
                            roland DC-50 digital chorus/echo ce-1 circuit $325

                            fender telecaster elite black w/ hsc $1000

                            more pics here

                            check out my music

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                            Originally Posted by echodeluxe

                            oh man i jizzed when he busted it out.


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                              This is a usa neck pickup

                              Works perfect, pulled from an 02 usa strat, from this ad.


                              replacement lace sucked in comparison. The strat is sold btw

                              I'M LOOKING FOR A NEW SPEAKER FOR MY VIBRO CHAMP ALSO......OR TUBES....12AX7, 6V6, 6L6, 12AT7


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                                spam in signature.
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