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    when the fuzz factory in michigan closed down it put a lot of good people out of work.


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      The "thin" aspect has been mentioned alot; usually DIYers complain about it and remedy the issue by adding larger value caps. I usually just use my neck or middle position (using an LP) when I want more girth


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        Dave brought his by Saturday and I got to play through it, it was a Vexter and I've played through a hand painted one years back and it sounded like I remembered it. It's a cool sound, but he had a Demo Tape fuzz as well that I thought sounded leagues better. Just my opinion though breauuuu
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          Had a hand painted one. Great fun but didn't work with the band. Sold it. Built a clone. Great fun but doesn't work with the band. It sounds totally different. I am a single coil man nowadays though...

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            I have had two Vexters. One I got new and always fought with, so I sold it. One I got used and love the sound of.
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            I still don't know what the **************** a haunting mids is, but what I do know is that I have never seen such an assortment of sandy, stinky, sopping wet vaginas e-assembled in one place in my life. It's like 300 The Decision-era Lebron's fighting over fuzz pedals.


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              i could go on about it, but essentially, i highly highly recommend it. it's probably my favourite pedal thing ever (with the particle coming close, now)


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              Dave brought his by Saturday and I got to play through it, it was a Vexter and I've played through a hand painted one years back and it sounded like I remembered it. It's a cool sound, but he had a Demo Tape fuzz as well that I thought sounded leagues better. Just my opinion though breauuuu

              it does depend on what you want it for. for a straight ahead fuzz tone, the demo tape fuzz is incredible. but if you want weirdness/nastiness/greatness, the FF is hard to beat.


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                personally like the mammoth more.
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                Your Super Crazy Greeny! Like Super Crazy...... Super Crazy. Super Crazy SUper Crazy...... Greeny23 I love how you are so super cool at this Forum YOUR SUPER COOL ... WE NEED TO FIND OUT MORE ON THESE TOXIC PEDALS... I almost bought one. I AM SO PISSED!


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                  Had both a Myrold hand-painted and a Vexter, and sold them long ago. Didn't notice a difference in sound between them, but neither really worked for me. In my experience, they're way too volatile from session to session, and even at tamer settings, they pack easily as much gain and compression as a maxed out Fuzz Face. They're great if you're looking for a balls-out noise box - hell, practically the industry standard - but they're too unreliable and gimmicky for regular use.
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                    It really depends: do you want to fiddle or play?

                    Kanji's are by far the best, btw.


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                      Another fuzz factory thread

                      Just kiddin, it's a fairly modern classic that still deserves as much -if not more- attention than the zillions of copycats and flavours of the weeks (me fail english )

                      Anywayz, finnicky and noisy as hell, but if you manage to get around that, it's able to replace a handfull of your current fuzz pedals. I got tired of the glitchy throbbing synth effects pretty quickly, but now it still holds it's own as a smooth fuzz face on steroids. Scratch that, more like crystal meth and coke

                      The common gripe about the ff sounding somewhat thin: I think it's kinda the point of the fuzz face derived sound. It's like complaining about the Rat's lack of low end. A big part of it's sound comes from the boosted mids, which pretty much sacrifises the low end. Same difference with the fuzz factory

                      Someone mensioned the wolf computer. I think it's loosely inspired on the idea of a silicon based fuzz factory, but it doesn't sound all that similar imo. I ended keeping just the ff. The WC had at least one kickass velcro-ish tone in it that the fuzz factory can't totally nail, but it was mostly about motorboating sounds and buzzy glitches and what not...Real finnicky controls too, a lot more so than the fuzz factory even.

                      There's a ton of clones/variations on the ff now, but impo the one that stands out and looks like it might be an even better and easier to use version of the ff: Red Witch Fuzz God II.


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                        i ended up drafting a fuzz factory eurorack module

                        probably going to build it soon


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                          ****************ing love it!
                          here is mine!

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                            Avoided them for years cos of all the things I read/hype, but found this one in a local shop for $150 and was instantly sold. It is from 1998 and has some funky transistors, not spam, but sound great. They are quite temperamental though, some days certain settings sound great and other days sound ****************ty. Definitely check one out if you have a line on a good price.


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                              It's bad enough my women's mood changes from day to day I would rather my Fuzz pedals not follow suit.
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                                I'm posting it again, and you can't stop me.

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                                I want to Make a sound like on doors where It Gose PPPPPPPRRROWWWWWNNNN like a Bridg falliing Apart and When it Ecchoes