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  • NPD: Custom Audio Electronics content.

    CAE OD

    This guy right here ^


    It MSRP's for around $230, sells for $130 and I got it for $40 in my local music shop.


    The boost: it's really amazing. It's a great boost, and adds up to 20dbs. That's a lot of dbs just hangin' around on tap. Great clean boost, but adds a little dirt on higher volumes. 

    The overdrive: When I got it, I was **bleep** off. It sounded sterile, raspy and pretty much unusable, and for a pedal of this pedigree, it was unacceptable. I tried it on a friends Marshall and it really shines boosting up an already slightly overdriven sound. I play through a twin reverb. Not much OD going on there. I wouldn't use this as a standalone OD. I'm still on the lookout for one of those, but if you can find it for cheap, buy it.

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    How did you get it for $40?
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      It was marked at $40. Nobody challenged it. I just immediately bought it.