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  • Zoom G3 or RP1000

    Here's my deal. I'm a member of the amp forum (which explains my dislike of TMV in another thread here...sorry I am in the middle of a trade offer from two different parties and I am trying to decide which way would work the best for me. I posted this at the new effects subforum and got some good advice but I thought I would post here as well and see what kind of response I get.

    I play funk and disco covers and need combinations of modulation and basic octave stuff like what the synth wah does. I would like to be able to turn multiple combinations of those effects on and off when changing from one preset to another (by pressing one switch). A noise gate would be nice as well. Would the G3 do the job nicely? I ask because I have a partial trade offer on the table for a G3. I know the newer gen Zoom units sounds are good. I don't really need drive tones as my amps will provide those just fine. I also have an option for an RP1000 as well. The modulations and filter examples on it I found sounded lackluster. Any thoughts as to which box would do the trick? It kind of feels like I would get the RP, run the 4 cable method and sound like sh*t; or get the Zoom in the loop and sound amazing but not have effects routed as I would like them to be. 


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    FYI if it's tl;dr----

    Zoom seems like it will have the tone but not options of routability and I will still have a few single pedals up front; RP sounds like it will sound like poop but can be configured as I would like it to be; but I will still end up having pedals up front because the RP sounds like poop. Wrong or no?


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      I think the G3 might work for you, but if you need to turn on and off a lot of FX when gigging I would go with the RP1000.

      The modulation FX are good on the G3, not sure about the RP1000, never really used the synth sounds.


      I am not sure what you are trading, but the G3 goes for about $115-125 used. The Rp1000 goes for $200-250