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    Hey I am FINALLY figuring out some of my long time mistakes EQ'ing my rig.  Or just feeling my way in the Dark cause nobody really teaches this stuff do they? 

    Its like im in a dark closet and I accidentally brush into the hanging string and it all of a sudden turns the closet light on!  ( i may have known this stuff years ago and just forgotten it several times over and now relearning it all again. )

    Since the lights have come on I have realized that some of my strats the Electronics are pretty damn ****************ty indeed.  On one parts caster i had built the freakin volume knob can only pass signal  for like one eight of an inch.  Say if the throw of the knob is a whole inch , there is only sound coming out of the guitar at the last one eight of an inch .  My best playing and tone comes on my guitars where the tone and volume knobs are fully funtional throughout the whole sweep of the knob not just the last smidgen of a turn.  on that particular axe basically the whole knob is giving no sound at all untill you get to the last little smidgen , this it totally unacceptable,  its a shame too cuz this is the guitar I play best on acoustically,  .


    I heard there is a new 5 way selector that has out of phase and neck and treb pickup on at same time?  I also want the best sounding tone and volume pots caps and wiring . thanks for your help if there is anyone stil here. 

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    It'll take some digging, but go to the Seymour Duncan and Fender websites. You can download many, many different wiring diagrams.


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      wire it however you like.. but remember when to plug the lead in your butt.

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    I was in a similar situation with my Tele. I never replaced pots or caps so I didn't know where to start. I finally just ordered a RS Guitar Works wiring kit that is prewired. Now my volume and tone knobs have a nice taper and are usable throughout the entire sweep. It's an expensive route considering you can DIY for less than $20 (I think the one I bought was like $65-70). Overall I'm very happy with it and don't mind the expense.
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      thanks mon!!!  asats in da house yo! 

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    Custom 24's for bucking da broncos , sweet switch old skool prs 5 way pickup selector has out of phase, treb n bass on, coil tap push pulls,

    Fralin vh on strats , don mare for asat


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      Ck out jimmy herrings rig run down lollar buckers and custom hand made necks on his strats then watch sonny landreths rig rundown


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        Well, with two splittable OwensBoyz, here's how'd I'd dude it'dfor maximal CoilKamaSutra:

         Parts list:

        • two push-pull pots
        • 2 miniswtiches DPDT
        • 1 F*dner 5-way super switch.

        Do you think you'll split the coils more often, or swap polarity?

        Whichevs the most common action, I'd put that on the mini switches.

        Put the other action on the pushpull PolPots

        Wire the 5 way for whatever the **************** you want: Single pickup, 2 in series, two in parallel, add-a-cap for calibrated tone-suck.

        So your wiring goes: pickup > mini-switch > Pol Pot > 5-way > Vol > Tone > jack


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      The luthier of said strat is known for ****************in up peoples tone pots intentionally, top tone knob does nothing on the middle pickup, my best axes both tone knobs werk on all pups!!


      • andreas
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        alien wrote:
        The luthier of said strat is known for ****************in up peoples tone pots intentionally, top tone knob does nothing on the middle pickup, my best axes both tone knobs werk on all pups!!

        If it's wired as per the stock strat wiring, the top tone pot isn't supposed to do anything to the middle pickup... Leo wired it so the top and bottom tone pots control the neck and middle pickups, respectively, while the bridge pickup has no tone control at all. A popular mod (i believe Fender uses it on the Am Std guitars) is to wire it so the bottom tone pot controls both the middle and bridge pickups - that shaves just a hair off the top end on the bridge pickup, which can help.

        Like someone said, check out Seymour Duncan's site for wiring diagrams. Google can probably provide too. If you're buying your own pots, make sure they're 250K Audio (log) for single coils.

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      When i reach for prs tone knob its kinda strange it feels like im publicly rubbin mah bawls


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        My prsii are fine my strats need werk i prefer single coils, i just take them into a new shop i found thanks for the help, im interested in BK's for prs mods tho