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Bassman pedals and ABY conundrum...

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  • thatgingerfella
    started a topic Bassman pedals and ABY conundrum...

    Bassman pedals and ABY conundrum...

    Hi all,

    Need some advice. 

    My current set up is thus:

    Strat -> Digitech Whammy (also used as splitter) -DRY OUT-> Pog -> Carlsbro TC120 amp (bass end)

                                                                                  -WET OUT-> BYO Trem pedal (used to cut signal) ->

                                                                                         Plum Crazy Fuzzy Lady -> Silverface Bassman 135

    As you may have guessed, no bass player.

    So, as nice as the Fuzzy Lady sounds with the 'boost' pedal on (i.e. the signal going through it is cut by a fair amount), when it's off, and hence the signal is pure, it drives the Bassman so hard that there's a very noticeable drop in audible volume, and the sound gets really muddy. This is even with the gain on the Fuzzy Lady rolled all the way down (my guitar volume is ALWAYS on 10, never have time or skill to roll it down or up while playing). 

    Therefore, I'm looking for suggestions for fuzz pedals that either have naturally less gain, or other pedals (Tubescreamer, Boost, etc) that would produce a similar sound or a nice crunch (think Supergrass' Caught By The Fuzz - amazing guitar tone in my opinion), but that are known to work well with a Bassman that's pretty much cranked to 11. I want to be able to hear all that Fender shimmer still, just with a kick-ass edge to it. I don't play metal, so not after mega distortion, but do want some added sustain. And the moon on a stick (according to band members).

    Secondly, should I get an ABY pedal instead of using the Digitech? If so, why and what?

    Thanks everyone,


  • V

    So, the trem is not used as a trem, then? It's used only to lower the gain of the fuzzy lady? If so, what I'd do to solve this problem, since I make my own pedals, is make a bypass looper that has two volume knobs in it. One used to set the level of signal going in to whatever is in the loop of the pedal (the fuzzy lady in this case) and then, when turning that off to boost the pedal, I'd have it simultaneously engage a second volume knob that sets the level of the pedal when it is getting full signal.  Then I'd do a second switch to just plain bypass the pedal.

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