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  • Best Budget Record Players

    What do you use to play your records? I've always had hand-me-down Sonys, Technics, etc, but would like to graduate to something more-better, if you will. Not worried about USB. Just good quality for the price.


    Your experiences?

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    find a used Rega. 

    can be had for cheap. 


    sound good. 


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    Consumer or pro-grade Technics? Technics started as a high end company, but branched into entry level and midgrade stuff when the brand took off in the late 70s. I'm guessing the later, and if that's the case, go for a Technics SL direct drive player. The SL-1200 has a bit of a premium, being *the* industry standard for radio, clubs, and scratching, but the others in the series are just as good for playing vinyl, and share the same, common parts and mechanisms. You can get one between $100-200. They're ****************ing killer, built like tanks.

    I, of pure coincidence, have one for sale, but I recommend trying to score one locally if you're in Canada. They're amp heavy.


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      I've been wanting to replace my hand-me-down RCA turntable for a long time now and have been sitting on the urge to get a pro-ject debut III or a rega for a long time but the price always made me think twice. I decided to take a risk on a u-turn audio orbit turntable through kickstarter since I'm not in a rush. I went for the upgraded model ($250), like this but in black:




      the basic model without the acrylic platter and different cartridge was $150. it'll be a bit of a wait for it to show up and see how it really is (May est.), but the guys seem to know what they're talking about and chatter on various forums about turntables seemed to be hopeful so things may work out better than expected.  so if you're not in the market immediately and are just browsing, that may be something to consider in a few months when they start selling direct (if you want to buy new).

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        You don't want to go too cheap on a record player... its like buying a 4 cylinder Ferarri

        Technics will last you forever...

        Numark makes some decent players, and not very expensive.