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    Reissue EH Deluxe Memory Man with box/adapter/packaging (good-excellent condition): $275 shipped


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      Skreddy Supa Tone: $150
      Malekko Plus ULtra 213: $150
      Bearfoot/BJF Design Honey Bee Myrold sunshine girl #22: $225

      All pedals 100% working/looking great. Have boxes. Pm me if you need pics. Not looking for trades.


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        Looking for a dam Sola Sound MKII Professional fuzz without the damn price? Well look no further

        Zep fuzz tones abound in this classic 3 transistor Germanium circuit. Controls are simple - volume & fuzz. Oh, and there's a battery on/off mini-toggle switch.
        Price is $160.00 shipped to USA/Canada (add $15 for intl shipping to other countries).

        only trade I would take right now is a Voodoo Lab PP2

        Thanks for looking

        Builder of Monsterpiece Pedals


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          Lollar Jaguar neck pickup


          Good deals lonk


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            All prices include shipping in the Con US. MESSAGE ME FOR PICS!

            Green Russian Big Muff: Sounds KILLER, in GREAT shape, with ORIGINAL box! Has a hole between the input and output jacks that looks stock to me, but may or may not be. Yours for $270

            Catalinbread CB30:AWESOME pedal in GREAT shape. Includes original box. GET KILLER VOX AC30 tones for only $115

            Montgomery Appliances 219 Fuzz:Warm and fat tonebendery goodness--with variable midrange content! Crank the midrange control for thick heavy mids or back off for a a more scooped character when you want darker fuzz tones. Run the gain low and the volume high for hairy overdrive tones or crank the gain for long sustaining leads and fat riffs. Perfect middle ground between bright vintage Tonebender sounds and Darker Big Muff tones. Features four NOS silicon transistors and high quality components and construction throughout for durability and top notch sound quality.Hear MFG demo @ Yours for only $SOLD

            RARE Digitech Pedalverb: Awesome shoegaze tones, IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND! Has a killer Hold function that works great on the Large Room settings (doesn't do much on the other ones), letting you build up dense walls of sound--hear it starting @ 5:13 here: (not me/my ped in vid, btw). Uses an AC adapter only (not included). The faux battery door is missing, and there are 2 hold @ the bottom so you can secure 'er to your pedalboard. Yours for only $185

            BSIAB II--made by JD SLEEP at General Guitar Gadgets, back when the man himself built and sold his own pro builds. Sounds incredible, impossible to find! Yours for just $135

            Digitech Whammy WH-1. THE ONE to own! In amazing shape w/ original adapter. Even comes in the original box. Don't settle for a second-rate whammy--make this one yours for just $575

            Jacques DD Cup Germainum Treble and Full-range boost. Features 2 (two) pure AC128 Germanium boosters for AMAZING booosted tones. Impossible to find these days! Clips @ more at: Yours for $175

            Maestro Parametric Filter. KILLER Queens of the Stone Age Tones, as Josh Homme uses this box. Im AMAZING shape, and even has battery cover. Yours for $325

            Memphis Tremolo Modulator--Same as the ultra-rare Coron Sound Cutter 60. AWESOME choppy trem! Yours for $110
            Read more @

            Carl Martin Heavy Drive--Rich higher-gain tones--read the reviews @ Yours for $85

            Pro Analog Power Driver--One of the BEST Colorsound Overdriver clones out there, and IMPOSSIBLE to find! Some dings not visible in faceplate, bass knob/pot a bit loose, but doesn't affect performance, sound or TONE! Don't sleep on this one! Yours for $189

            Hot Wire Audio MIG Boost--Killer DOD 250-based pedal with some awesome tonal options. Impossible to find! Great reviews @: Yours for $95

            Mahoney Sonic Fuzz--REALLY cool clone of the 60's Vox Distortion Booster--the one that plugs into the guitar's input jack--as used by The Velvet Underground and on early Queen recordings! Sticker is a little peel-y. Yours for $75


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              MXR EVH phase 90 and Line 6 Tonecore flanger

              Will sell/trade:
              Brand new SD jb hum, never used
              Bad Monkey, barely used...has box
              Joyo ultimate drive, used once, has box
              Keeley mod DS-1, used many times, has box
              Digitech RP???...3 pedal one, plus expression pedal...used in home for about a year, has box
              Hardwire metal distortion, brand new...never used, has box

              Hit me up if interested, and want more details.


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                So, GAS is a brutal, brutal addiction, as such I'm looking to move two of my favorites:

                First, my custom Smallsound Bigsound **************** Overdrive. I love this thing, it is beautiful and pictured below on my board and from Brian's gallery. Has one tiny nick in the side of the casing and is velcro'd. $180?

                Next, a lovely BAT Black Forest. Perfect condition with box/manual, no velcro on this guy. No pictures currently. If you need 'em, I'll send 'em. $old.

                Both prices are shipped, I'd REALLY appreciate PP Gift.

                Of course in the unlikely event that you happen to be trading a Blackout Effectors Seriously Special Twosome, I'd love one! Or even a Blunderbuss I suppose.


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                  Skreddy Top Fuel, comes with box. Looking to trade for a lunar module ( i can add some cash) or will sell for $165 shipped.

                  Good Deals with: spitfireme123, lovEd, benintexas, eor, rydia is hot, BloodBros, downer01, rabbot13, mewithoutlouie, Faldoe, VTM, thesockmonster, Dark Aegis, Unclemeat, Snare227, tashiattack, joaocunha

                  Agile Al-3000
                  Peters Gryphon
                  Mesa Traditional 4x12

                  Check out my band, it would be greatly appreciated



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                    Blakemore Effects Mustang Overdrive - [COLOR="red"]$110 SHIPPED & PP'd... mint condition, both cosmetically and functionally. Comes with original box/paper.a pretty unique overdrive pedal that's apparently based on the Red Llama circuit, but with an awesome improvement - a highly tweakable and usable 3 band EQ. Because of the EQ section, this makes for a pretty sweet clean boost with the gain knob dialed back as well as a unique fuzzy overdrive with the gain knob past noon. Here's a link to some more info:
                    There's also a few demo vids on YouTube.

                    ONLY trades I'd consider at the moment (+ cash from me):
                    EHX Superego
                    Strymon Flint
                    Neunaber Wet **HAS to have the "trails" option, and preferably the stereo Wet**
                    Dr. Scientist RRR mini or old standard size is fine... makes no difference to me.

                    Guitars. Pedals. Amps.
                    deals: bradino, neatobassman, Used666, juri, echodeluxe, aporcelainsky, Crxsh, -Andrew-, notjonahbutnoah... and lotz moar


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                      Getting rid of some stuff that's not getting much use. Prices include shipping in the US, trade offers welcome. Trade wishlist: Trombetta stuff, Xerograph Deluxe, Semaphore, Whetstone, TAFM, Black Forest, whatever, make me some offers.

                      Tone Factor Squeeze Factor compressor - Rare Orange squeezer type with blend knob built by Bob McBroom of Pedalworx - $90

                      Euthymia ICBM Fuzz - Great sounding IC Muff - $95

                      Liquid Sunshine
                      Good deals:Jackpotjewell,Glyph,bass econo,thesockmonster,smrz,MickTaylorFan,tsquared,B lanketman,9-Pin-phoenix,ClickyClique,JayCal,(((echo))),MyTakamine, Luke978,Corwin81,ChitownTerror,Kriegsmann,Collapse ,duderanimus & more


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                        ncarnold commented
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                        Hey Ritalincupcake, I'd really like to buy your ICBM if you've still got it. Email or PM me if you see this!

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                      Looking to sell a few things to make room on my board, and/or maybe acquire a few wants. Would consider trade for/towards a Red Witch Fuzz God II, and maybe a CAE Line Driver. I'll take offers for trade and cash offers too. Send me a PM.

                      My custom Blakemore Deus Ex Machina. Sick Op-Amp Muff circuit; huge sounding and aggressive, with a custom mod to make it one of a kind. I had Blake add a 3 way toggle for me to allow for diode changes. Up position is stock. Middle removes the diodes completely, increase to volume and opening it up a bit. Bottom position adds Germanium diodes, which adds a little compression, a little gain, and makes it a little 'sweeter' sounding, though it gets REALLY quiet (you'll want to pump up the volume on this). I like it alot, but I fell into something a little more traditional, which fits my needs at the moment.

                      Hoping for $130, PP'd and shipped. Literally new condition, with box and papers.

                      Way Huge Green Rhino, like new in box with papers (but no buttons). Literally JUST picked this up, and love it to death. Best tubescreamer style OD I've played... up until I got my Landgraff OD. I'd be keeping it otherwise, and may end up keeping it still as it sounds sick boosting the Landgraff. I won't be heartbroken if nobody jumps on it.

                      $90, shipped to your door.

                      Digitech Hardwire HT6 Polyphonic Tuner. Great accurate polyphonic tuner. Tested it against a PitchBlack and PitchBlack Poly and it came out on top. Super-durable, great easy to read display. Mono, poly, strobe modes, drop D, flat and sharp support etc. with USB for updates. 300ma output for daisy chaining off the pedal.

                      $65 OBO, shipped.


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                        All prices shipped ConUS(international at your expense, usps priority), usps money order or paypal.

                        As for trades, feel free to offer what you have. I'd be particularly interested in:
                        Lumpy's Tone Shop MKII (possibly other Tone Benders by him)
                        Dice Works Pedals (Not Muff Divers/Finale/Dice-O-Matic)
                        NKT-213 loaded buzzaround
                        2n5133 loaded Big Muff clone
                        Danelectro Backtalk Reverse Delay

                        EHX Micro POG. Pretty good shape, just a few light scratches. Works perfectly. sold.

                        KR Musical Products Mega Vibe. Sounds great, has a few light scratches. Power supply included. $465 shipped.

                        EHX Deluxe Memory Man. Great unit, low noise and works perfectly. A slight amount of white noise at the highest delay setting (A bit longer delay time than some units I've had). Missing 1 rubber foot on the bottom. $375 shipped.

                        V1 EHX Small Stone. Ronsound repaired it recently. Someone engraved a number on the top. $165 shipped.

                        V2 EHX Small Stone. Rounsound repaired it recently. $150 shipped.

                        Analogman Peppermint fuzz. Has a few light scratches on the bottom plate. Included are the box, bag, card, sticker and feet. $155 shipped.

                        MXR 6-band EQ. Excellent condition. $45 shipped.

                        CMATMODS Analog Chorus. The printed font is smudged slightly, purely cosmetic. Sounds really great. $110 shipped.

                        Proco Rat II. Made in America. Has the OP chip, not the LM308. Excellent shape in the box. Box is weathered. $110 shipped.

                        Filmore Pedals SuperSustain. I believe this is based on the Orange squeezer circuit. Runs on 18v. Sounds good but compressors aren't my thing it turns out. $55 shipped.

                        Boss BF-2. MIJ. Has the Wampler/Indyguitarist mods. $55 shipped.

                        EHX Small Clone. Case has a slight dent in the bottom. It in no way hinders performance and it works perfectly. sold.

                        Danelectro Slap echo. Knob missing but you can still turn it. Free with purchase of any two things.

                        Good Transactions List


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                          Rocktron Short Timer Delay

                          Bulky bottom feet and battery tray have been removed (and lost!) so it will ride on a pedalboard. See bottom photo.

                          Works great.
                          $45 shipped and paypal'd to ContUS. International shipping OK but buyer pays actual postage.

                          missfortune (AKA Prof.Fuzz)


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                            i'm looking for a bass - most notably something like:

                            Fender Blacktop Precision
                            Fender Modern Player Jazz
                            Fender Highway One Precision
                            Schecter Model T
                            We're in a cave at the end of the world, cooking and eating our friends.


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                              Want to buy an EHX Flanger Hoax.
                              Originally Posted by Inspector 71

                              I'm only framus in my own mine.

                              Originally Posted by riff ie

                              black hole complementarity, or, you won't feel a thing

                              Originally Posted by christianatl

                              I plan on riding my ****************sled through the pussy apocalypse.