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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 6-12-12

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    Black Russian Big Muff: [COLOR="red"]$100 s&pp'd.
    mint, in box, has battery drawer, will include 9v adapter.

    Would prefer cash but trades are on the table.


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      Madbean Slow Loris (Rat with mods) - first version. I added the lube or "Ruetz" mod later. Top mounted jacks, true-bypa... yada yada. Green LED. Standard 9v adapter power. $70

      DOD Compressors - FX-80 and FX-80b. The 80 has no battery door, other than that its great. $30. The B is in better shape, has the battery door. $40. Both have velcro on the bottom.

      Prices are shipped, Not interested in Trades.

      ASLO: Looking for a EHX 18v power supply - like for POG, Holier Grail, etc.



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        Cathedral Bells
        Ten and Six

        Guitar: '78 Electra Omega Les Paul
        Effects: EHX HOG, Digitech Timebender,
        EHX Stereo Clone Theory, Mooer Pitchbox,
        Crybaby Classic, EQD Rainbow Machine,
        Line 6 DL4, T1M Mini-Stutta, Ernie Ball VP Jr.
        Amp: Fender Tweed Blues Jr. NOS


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          Freakshow Effects Digilog (handpainted by Pat Corrigan) - TRADED
          Dr. Scientist Sunny Day Delay (one-off) - KEEPING

          Buy / Sell / Trade peeps: (HC) Zemmy, ERGExplorer, Jules-RM, TheMercyRule, Samuelch, atrox, unicornwarrior, hey_day, jacobhf, KingdomGuitar (x3), ispunk, Offthiscentury, sublimeride, big_cat, 6StrngStrangler (t), sameoldbluesman, macadood / (ILF): bronzetalon (x2), Horatio, oldskool, bettsdn, bobcunningham, Hot Sleeper, fetch, bob the r0bot (t), Chaosmic (TGP) weshunter, digdown2001, JPetty, Nelsdvn, barney steele


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            A bunch of stuff here. Everything is in excellent shape and comes with all box/manual/etc that the pedals originally came with.

            Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise $150

            Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Fuzz $200

            Emma Reezafratzitz II $200

            Emma Pisdiyauwot $200

            Red Witch Empress Chorus $250

            Subdecay Proteus $180

            Earthquaker Devices Organizer $150

            Maxon OSD9 $125

            Malekko Spring Chicken $225


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              I have this:

              But I don't want that anymore. I want a delay, tremolo or filter pedal, instead.

              *Pending Trade In Progress*
              - ChadEndorsing Artist: Cave Passive Pedals


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                PM if interested. US buyers only, please.

                ** all prices include USPS shipping w/ tracking inside the US.

                Fender Mustang '65 RI w/ trem arm, gig bag, etc $600

                Boss FRV-1 '63 Fender Spring Reverb w/ box, manual, etc $100

                Boss RDD-10 digital delay w/ PSU $125 each (x3)

                Elektron MD-UW+ mkII w/ box, manual, TM-1, etc $1250

                Nanoloop 1.2 w/ manual and cartridge case $120


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                  Dunlop JC95 Jerry Cantrell Wah - 110 shipped

                  This is a great wah, but I find I only use it for the cocked wah sounds so I'm looking for a Q-Zone or something like that instead.

                  Prices are shipped in US/Can in US$. Would trade for a stereo reverb or Q-Zone/filter style pedals.

                  Originally Posted by misterstomach

                  I'm more concerned that people **************** their pants and cry when i play than i am that it sounds good.


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                    Prices Shipped/PP'd.

                    Timmy OD Clone. New. $75
                    Rangemaster Treble Booster Clone. Germanium Transistor(OC71). Battery only. New. $65
                    Distortus Maximus Clone. Used. $40
                    DOD FX75-C Stereo Flanger. Used. $25
                    DOD 270 A/B box. Used. $20
                    EHX LPB-1. Used. $25
                    Guyatone Slow Volume. Used. [COLOR="red"]SOLD
                    Rehoused EHX Big Box Deluxe Electric Mistress. It was the AC cord version bought about 12 years ago. It now uses an 18Vdc power supply(not included). See picture of the board below. Used. $85

                    First picture from left to right.
                    Top Row - Timmy Clone, Rangemaster Clone, Distortus Maximus Clone, Guyatone Slow Volume.
                    Bottom Row - EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress, DOD FX75-C, DOD 270, EHX LPB-1

                    'They are such a good image for the children' **************** that! When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children?


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                      Stuff for trade -

                      ZBT 14 Hi Hat
                      ZBT 18 Crash
                      ZBT 20 Ride
                      B8 14 Mini Chinese
                      2 Pearl Cymbal Stands
                      Pulse Double Cymbal Stand
                      Pearl Hi Hat Stand
                      HQ 5 Piece Drum Silencers/Practice Heads

                      Sony PSP - Missing the power supply

                      MXR Phase 90
                      Biyang AD-7
                      Joyo UD

                      Looking for - Tremolo/Wah/Vibe/Chorus/Dirt/Anything


                      It's just that demon life has got me in its sway

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                        SD Screamin Demon trembucker and Alnico II Pro neck set $90 shipped.

                        SHO Clone, no LED. Crackle? OK! $50 shipped

                        Bit out there, but have these PS3 games for sale. All are new and in the plastic. I just really don't have time to play them with my current backlog. Will sell for whatever GameStop is listing for USED or trade for Arkham City + cash! (Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition, Dead Space 2 Limited Edition, MLB 2K10, MLB 10 The Show)

                        Guitars: PRS, Fender, Gibson, Epi
                        Pedals: Octophant, Wilson, Danelectro, Monsterpiece, Way Huge, Custom, Line 6
                        Amps: Egnater, Ampeg

                        Good deals (70+!)


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                          PURGIN by Pumpkin Pieces, on Flickr

                          All thats left:

                          Devi Ever Aenima - $85 paypal/shipped. relic'd by Devi to mock Sansamp relic. Has a gain switch that switches between normal Aenima high gain noise, to a lower gain distortion. Texture knob works in reverse. **************** what your band mates say.

                          Trades welcome.

                          PM me with offers, questions, paypal address, etc.
                          My Band's Free EP
                          PumpkinPieces' fuzz demos

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                            Originally Posted by Zappa74

                            Today I walked by a sick, malnourished kid in tattered clothes that had flys on his eyeballs. As I approached him, I could hear his irregular heart beat through his clearly visible rib cage. It was accented randomly by weak sputtering coughs and desperate, dry gasps for oxygen.

                            I gave him a pack of unsharpened pencils and my old M-Audio 24/96 sound card and told him to get those sick beats on tape.


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                              $95 + shipping
                              DIPLOMAT DTM-1 Wah Multieffect.. Dinosaur.. What?


                              (more pics in spoiler)

                              It's a pretty cool three-in-one effect. I honestly can't find much info about it, so here is what I've gathered from playing around with it.

                              The main effect is a wah.. pretty straight forward wah, sounds and operates very similar to your normal dunlop wah.

                              BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! One side is a pretty raunchy distortion.. not my favorite effect, but I don't use distortion pedals to begin with. I had a DS1 a while back, but it doesn't sound too much like that. The cool part is an analog chorus. The effect has an MN3207 inside to create the chorus effect.

                              Each effect is foot switchable and independent of each other, and also individual LED indicators. It's a solid enclosure, the die-cast type like the dunlop wahs, not plastic. It comes in the original box, instructions, unfilled warranty card, and even the receipt from GOD OF THUNDER INC, Ft Lauderdale, FL. The card was swiped for $498.19, so either you are getting a great deal here, or he bought some other stuff PM or email me at if you are interested.




                              Also, looking at doing a small run of Ibanez Standard Fuzz clones... PM me for interest.

                              ✌ ♥☺


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                                I have the following pedals for sale/trade.

                                Catalinbread Semaphore (has box/velcro) $120

                                Also have this vintage Ibanez Wau Wau Standard $140

                                This is a custom made T1M expression pedal, photo sensitive style!
                                The foot switch works as a momentary expression pedal, so off would be heel down, and when you step on it it would be toe down.
                                The toggle on the side switches between the photo eye and the momentary switch.
                                I have tested this with boss and electro harmonix pedals, and it works with both.

                                Trade interests include (but not limited to) -
                                Reverb (springy!!)
                                12" speakers in good shape (8ohm)
                                try me with a trade offer!
                                Good deals

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