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  • One of these:

    And one of these:

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    Originally Posted by SUPER VELCROBOY

    i made the thread so i can do whatever i want


    • New tuner.

      Edit: That picture is gi-huge-igous.

      Still this.
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      • As of today.... Nothing. I'll have to post some pics later tonight when I get everything wired up. My rig is so much fun.
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        Chandler RH-2 lap steel - $325


        • this is nice
          This MH -2 does not face the person in search of a beautiful thing such as the new article.
          A lamp goes on and off at the time of on and off.
          It works perfectly as much as it is surprised to be an old model.
          As for the thing 30 years ago, it can't think of it.
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          • Phase 90 on the way out, Ernie Ball VP Jr. on the way in.
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              Originally Posted by craigSMOOT

              Hey Pete...Warrant called and they want their moves back.


              • In - Mogwai T-shirts yay, the earphones Shure have sent me to replace the E4cs that broke under warranty last week.

                Out - DD-2. To the Czech Republic, my first ever international eBay sale in the four years I've been there. Eeeep. Enjoy, Miroslav!
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                  Originally Posted by Kid_A

                  TEH DRUMZ ARE CLIPPING WTF

                  Originally Posted by ben_allison

                  Tubes are electronic devices, not incontrovertible truths that hold the Universe together.

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                  • IN:

                    It hasn't shipped yet, but hey.


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                    Originally Posted by Sex Panther

                    I never called myself "Love Panther" or "Commitment Panther".

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                      • Just ordered a Screwdriver!!
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                        • I'm done with this site.


                          • i got these today:

                            and should have these in the next few days:


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                            • I gots the EHXs ah comin'


                              Big Muff Pi USA Version

                              I Can;t wait.
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                              Originally Posted by zachary vex

                              There's no time like the past.


                              • A paycheck that will finally make discretionary spending a reasonable possibility.