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  • Mornin

    Snow comes early to the berdoo mountains.

    lee side.jpg

    bedroom view.jpg


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    I'm jealous and relieved its not where I live at the same time. That third pics looking good.


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      global warming

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    How low did the snow level end up going? When I first heard that there was probably going to be some snow with this cold storm, I figured that this early in the season, it would probably be above 7,000 ft. Last I heard, they were expecting it at 5K and above, which would mean Crestline would get some, as well as Running Springs, Arrowhead, and of course, Big Bear. 

    Beautiful pictures - I miss living up in the mountains!


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      I'm not too sure Phil. We got a good 4-6 inches of it just outside Running Springs, light dusting my tuckus. It is warm and sunny enough to dry laundry on the line today so the snow won't be sticking around long, which is fine with me. I'll upload some pix of the storm in a bit.

      Speaking of snow drivers: the trip from my place to the town market is around four miles. On the way I counted three tow trucks, each working a minor wreck. The roads have been plowed since 10 or 11 am. It would be funny if I didn't have to share these roads.