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Monoprice 15 watt tube amp vs, Blues Junior?

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  • Monoprice 15 watt tube amp vs, Blues Junior?

    What are the big differences between these two amps? I'm looking for something lighter weight than my Fender Deluxe 112 (39 lbs) and my vintage sound 35sc (42lbs).

    My main concern with the blues junior is the directional nature of how the sound diperses.
    Volume is not a problem, it's super loud.

    it looks then like the monoprice has an open back. but is it loud enough to do gigs?
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    I don't know anyone who has pulled the trigger on the Monoprice 15 watter. I've never seen one or heard one live. For the $200, buy it and let us know. IIRC, this is essentially the Laney Cub 12R 15 Watter in a different cabinet, for less than half the price.
    I don't know what you are talking about the 'directional nature' of a BJ, I own two and use them outdoors and indoors.
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      I pulled the trigger on this amp back in December. Having owned a Blues Jr in the past, I was considering another one until I saw this one. It really does have a similar tone, at least to my ears, but you do need to give the speaker time to break in. A couple things I like about this amp above the Blues Jr are the effects loop, the "tone" knob (more like a presence knob), and the low-wattage switch. I run a lot of effects, and through the fronr-end of the Jr, I always found the result to be lacking. With the loop on this amp, they work very well. The presence knob does it's job, and the low-wattage switch let's me jam without annoying my wife too much. If you're patient, these go on sale for as low as $159 sometimes, but I paid $180 for mine. More than worth every penny!


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        Is this the one you're referring to?

        I haven't tried one, but that looks like a lot of features for under $200. It seems to be pretty highly rated too... but I have no idea how it compares tonally to a Blues Jr.


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          I've had both amps. It's very comparable in tone to a Jr, but with a lot more features for a lot less money.

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        If it is a true tube amp how do they get away with covering the tubes up with a back panel?


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          If you look at the picture, the tubes are covered by the metal grill.
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            Even with all else being equal (which, of course, it isn't) the Celestion speaker in the Monoprice won't sound like the Fender (most likely Eminence) unit in the Blues Jr. The speaker is part of the amp's overall sound. The good news is that, if you basically like the Monoprice, you'll save more than enough for a speaker swap.
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              I'm considering a speaker swap for mine, actually. I just don't know for sure which one to get. I mean, the Celestion is an okay speaker, but the bottom end could be a bit tighter when you drive the amp (which I've overcome with the EQ on my OD pedal, but it'd be nicer if I didn't have to).

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            If anyone's wondering what the amp sounds like, here's a friend of mine playing on my gear. The guitar is a 1966 Harmony Bobkat H15V, the overdrive is a Behringer VT999 with a 12AT7, and the chorus is an old DOD FX65. I think there's a bit of delay on there as well.



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              Better example: