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VHT 2x12 cabinet model 2030?

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  • VHT 2x12 cabinet model 2030?


    Does anyone know about this cabinet?

    I found this at an auction site in Japan for about $300, I'm kind of interested in buying. But I couldn't find any information/detail of this on Internet. For example, there was a famous 212 cab VHT FatBottom. You can still find it as Fryette FatBottom on their site with the same specs but there is no such cab I'm asking about here, like "Fryette 2030".

    The owner just said this is a very old VHT cab called "2030". That's all. I need more clue to buy.

    I'd apperiate it if anyone of you guys know about this cabinet and could tell me a little. Like, what speakers in there, the sound, made/aimed for what kind of genre mainly, the official price at the time (...and whether paying $300 is worth or not if you have an opinion).