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Thailand KFC Rippoff: Hitler Chicken?!?

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  • Thailand KFC Rippoff: Hitler Chicken?!?

    So my friend sent me this email from a friend of his going to school in Thailand.

    "So a new restaurant opened up across from the university and it is a knock-off of KFC and i guess they couldn't use colonel sanders sooo they chose the next best white man....yes i have attached a picture and yes that is hitler......seriously, not kidding. this place is a 2 minute walk from my apartment. enjoyyyyyyy.

    oh and some of the foreigners complained to our dean and um...she studied in the states and got a phd and SHE DID NOT KNOW WHO HITLER WAS. Then the issue got taken up with the president's office and the vice-prez thought the picture was of pol sometimes i forget i am in thailand."

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      You don't win friends with salad

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        No way
        Good Deals


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          Originally Posted by RaceU4her

          i have 12,000+ posts at HCAF, of course im a ****************ing tone guru


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            Are you sure it isn't a vegan store?

            That seems like a pretty PETA thing to do, if you know what I mean.
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            Originally Posted by Johnny Z

            To all you dopers who didn't like my post, party up fools. And take your chances with the law. Hope you all go to jail.

            Originally Posted by ¤ EnglMatt ¤

            No wonder you Americans are all fat.

            Originally Posted by senor-penguin

            I ****************ing hate hardcore kids


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              Holy ****************. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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              Originally Posted by Rogueleader

              I'd tap that like eruption!

              Originally Posted by matterday

              I think before you are allowed to rule a country you should play Sim City 3000. Without using the cheat codes.


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                how do you not know who Hitler is.


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                  That is ****************ing hilarious!

                  That sounds like the basis for a South Park episode.
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                  Originally Posted by Guitarist+

                  I don't need your empathy.


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                    My day has now been made complete
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                      Hitler Chicken sounds like a band....


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                        Hitler Chicken sounds like a band....

                        Or a racist dance craze.
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                        Originally Posted by Guitarist+

                        I don't need your empathy.


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                          Hitler Chicken sounds like a band....

                          Yeah it does, like NY hardcore.


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                            dude order some food from it. I'd laugh if they have nazi named food


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