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    Now that ive been working a lot more ive sort of gone back into the 75-80% speed range, whereas before I was really pushing 105% all the time. I was getting much faster by the month, shuttling almost every day of the week, but at one point my friend and I realized we were really overdoing it; at those speeds you get ****************ed up when you eat ****************.

    haha I know what you mean. Think I'm lucky to get away with just a stretched muscle but feels like it has all the symptoms of torn rotator cuff and has felt this way for 3 weeks now Lucky I didn't hit my head at all, have since invested in a full face and getting some arm/elbow pads soon ready for when I'm back on the bike properly

    Just realised I have a vid of me (badly) riding the small jumps I learned on, that place is so fun -
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      Besides guitar and music, hunting is my life!

      I like guns too

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        Ricky, based on your curmudgeonly attitude and gear choices, I'd always assumed you were in your late 50s.

        You're going to be awesome as a grumpy old man.

        I know, right?


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          You used those guns for them tiny lil' fish?
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