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Kids = no sportscar

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    butthurtz has ensued once again...

    not saying i support the OP's opinion either though.

    It's not his opinion. It's his life choice. WTF is wrong with you people?
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      Another punk ass kid hiding behind a keyboard.


      Are you going to say that to Overdriven, who concurred with me?

      You said something ignorant as ****************, then I told you to go **************** yourself. Seems pretty fair to me - and Overdriven

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        I'm right with the OP here. I dont need no stinkin money pit which will probably turn out a disappointment and hate me for being an ****************************. Anyway most of life is a big ****************ing slice of **************** pie so I'm not going to make someone else put up with it so I can cutsey kiddie photos.
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        Originally Posted by -Assy-

        Okay I summed up this entire thread in three posts. Let's go home and beat our children.


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          I'd go a step further and say that having kids IS selfish. We've got too many people on this planet.

          It amazes me how so few people lack the logic to see this.


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            I've never heard of anyone every asking to see their sports car or other toys when they are on their death bed!
            People have been known to be buried with their prized possessions though!

            But seriously, kids get written out of wills all the time. Having kids is not all happy happy joy joy.

            The whole get married, have kids, go to work and die routine is just that. A routine.

            I see more and more people breaking away from the routine and doing their own thing. Nothing wrong with that and nothing selfish about it. Matter of fact, it's quite responsible of them for not having a kid just to "fit in" or because "that's how it is".
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              I want kids, but schismed should get ****************ed either way


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                My honest opinion on the matter is:

                1) To the OP and his wife, good choice! Sounds (no offense) like you guys might not make the best parents in that you'd see them more as a burden than as a blessing.

                2) The whole human race needs no ****************ing help with adding to the crop, I mean we're growing at something like 75,000,000 people a year (maybe more), and it's exponential.

                3) We're all on the ****************ing Titanic, and it has set sail my friends. The course is plotted and that's all there is to it. No, it's not impossible to turn things around but you don't have to be Einstein to see it's not gonna happen. So enjoy the show before **************** gets ugly, because I believe it will within the lifetimes of most of us here. I have made the decision to not have kids based solely on the future I don't want to bring them into. I know it's a grim outlook....but, unfortunately, I'm a realist.
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                  I get the OP.

                  Me and my fiancee (who've been together 7+ years) have made the same decision. And we're of com[parable 31, she 34.

                  Did it for multiple reasons. But not the least of which is the fact that we feel we work way to hard for our money not to enjoy it ourselves...that said, we're both broke, and lower,lower middle class. But we hope to do better over time....having a kid or two would make that a bigger strain. Especially since I plan on going back to school, possibly to be a vet...that almost 10 years of college, maybe more....while working....probably full time. When would I have time to write and record the music I love so much? Some days I barely have the time and energy to even do it NOW! Plus, I often consider putting together a live band to perform it live once again, if I could ever get over near-agoraphobic tendencies (I leave the house almost exclusively to go to work ,and martial arts classes....that's it).

                  Also's a ****************ed up world out there...and only getting more ****************ed up by the day....not sure I'd want to willingly subject my own flesh and blood to it. I barely want to be part of it myself, but have no choice in the matter. And anybody who thinks my having a child would change my opinion, and thus render me less miserable....that's an awfully big gamble, wouldnt you think? Suppose I just grow even more bitter, and thus violent, extremely depressed, and ultimately become abusive, and possibly die as an indirect result of my "self medicating"? It's what happened to my father....I'd like to think I'm stronger than that...but what if I'm wrong?

                  I've nothing against kids, or people who have them....and sure, they can be cute....when their somebody else's responsibility. It's just something me and my better half have opted not to get involved in. I really don't see how others could or should have an issue with that.

                  Irony is, I've spent my life being "on the outside" so to speak. Never really it into any groups and what have you. Now, as an adult, I've kinda gotten over that social awkwardness, only to find I've nothing in common with most all my peers. Most dudes I meet, all they talk about is sports, and their kids. Both are things I know nothing about, nor care to be involved in. Once a conversation veers away from music, movies/TV, or comic books....I'm lost. So is a vicious cycle....and I'm rambling.

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                    So, the wife and I have decided to never have children.

                    It's weird, I've always thought of it as one of those things I'll do it and some unspecified time in the future - you know, have a bit of fun now then get serious and have kids.

                    With some introspection I've realised I don't want any kids. Turns out the wife feels the same way.

                    We feel they take over your lives - time-wise, responsibility, financially. Kind of like it's been hanging over your head - you know, gotta get a good job so we can get a house for the kids when we have them,l have to get a family car etc. **************** that, I want a 2 seater and a home cinema

                    We want to travel, to spend our money on ourselves - live for each other and not another person who is 100% dependent on us.

                    We're 29 and 30, so not that young

                    We will live the lives of homosexual couples - nice clothes, furniture, food, cars and holidays and when we're old we'll sell our house and live off the cash and not worry about having to leave an inheritance. Round the world cruise!

                    me and my wife are in the same position...same age too (well wife is 28) we had the conversation and i dont want kids because i dont like babies or school/highschool kids. dont mind them when there like 3-5? when they are cute and impressionable.
                    wife doesnt want to get pregnant more than once. she doesnt want only one kid (as she herself was an only child) so if shes gonna be up the duff she wants twins. guaranteed twins. so shes happy to accept the gamble is not worth the risk

                    also...i dont wannna be 50 and the kid 15-20. so for me...its to late.

                    plus...why would you want to bring a kid into this world?
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                      You kidding?
                      My son loves riding my Cobra.
                      it's alot more fun than mommy's car.
                      I want to keep it and give it to him someday.

                      Oh, and we did all that fun stuff for about ten years, now it's a whole different world of fun stuff.
                      Not trying to change your mind, kids aren't for everyone and lord knows there's plenty of lousy parents, not that you'd be, but it's something you need to prepare for and be into 100%.


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                        My lady and I aren't going to have our own kids. I am just unhealthy as **************** (asthma and respiratory issues, terrible vision and a family history of cancer and heart problems) and I don't wish my life on anyone, especially my kids. Also, both of our fathers were twins ... and we are broke enough as is contemplating having one kid.

                        So instead, we are planning on doing essentially what the OP said: travel, get our careers set and then settle down. At that point, we plan to adopt an asian kid. Mainly because my wife wouldn't have to get pregnant (after her three sisters have had kids, one had twins, she does not like that idea at all), we wouldn't be adding to the population problem and the kid will be smart enough to figure out he is adopted .
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                          What's that statistic again? From the time your kid is born to 18 years of age, you've spent a million dollars in total raising that child? **************** that. That's a house, a boat, bunch of vacations...
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                          Originally Posted by isvoid

                          you missed him didn't you

                          Originally Posted by Sweep?

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                            I used to feel like I'd never want kids. Then I dated a girl who has a two-year old son. Even though our relationship didn't work out, the experience completely changed my mind about children. He was awesome and brought an amazing amount of joy into my life. I definitely want a nuclear family one day.


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                              It's not his opinion. It's his life choice. WTF is wrong with you people?

                              let me put it in perfectly good ****************ING ENGLISH for you then:

                              i don't agree with the OP'S LIFE CHOICE.

                              jesus christ, are you meaning to tell me you couldn't get the point i was attempting to convey with saying 'opinion' (which it is technically, if you want to get into semantics)????

                              next time, i'll put a 'MUST HAVE HIGHER THAN 5TH GRADE READING COMPREHENSION LEVEL' disclaimer on my posts
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                                butthurtz has ensued once again...

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