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Stoner/Doom/Desert/whatever rock fans... Check out my band.

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  • Stoner/Doom/Desert/whatever rock fans... Check out my band.

    I've been jamming with these guys for the last year. We sat on the tunes for a bit before unleashing them on an audience. The Bandcamp link here takes you to two tracks that we demoed in a weekend. Let me know your thoughts....

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    Bump for the morning crowd...


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      I dig it.

      Gear run down?
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        Good stuff mang.
        Check out my band "Tock" Debut album coming out soon:


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          good sound. I like it.
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            **************** yeah!!!!!!!!!

            I love this ****************!
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              Cool stuff. What gear did you use for the recording?
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                Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Fiscal
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                I dig it.

                Gear run down?

                The guitar in the right speaker is me. That's my '77 Les Paul Standard w/The Creamery "Dirty Shirt" humbuckers.

                My pedalboard consisted of:

                EH Micro POG

                Catalinbread Octapussy

                EQD Grand Orbiter phaser

                EQD Rainbow Machine

                MXR Stereo Chorus

                MXR Phase 90

                Korg Pitchblack tuner

                Digitech Stereo Jamman

                Boss RE-20

                TC Electronics Trinity reverb

                Line 6 Echo Park

                I used nothing but my Rockerverb 100 through my Mojo 4x12 cab. That cab is loaded with 2 Eminence P50E's and two Celestion Vintage 30L's. I was miked up with an SM 57, an MD421 and another that escapes me at the moment.

                The other guitar was primarily an early 90's Les Paul Custom, stock pickups. He used a Tele that he put together as well, but I have no idea what's in it. haha...

                His pedalboard consists of a Mojohand Colossus fuzz, Dwarfcraft The Internet OD, Whetstone phaser, Fender reverb, Wampler Faux Tape Echo.

                He mostly ran an Ampeg V4 through a Matamp 4x12 with Hot 100's, same mics as me.


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                  We recorded here:



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                    Nice! Really dig the recording - very dimensional.
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                    Their songs are on the whole very simple and mostly follow the familiar theme of boy-being meets girl-being under a silvery moon which then explodes for no adequately explored reason.
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                      Sounds good Dave! Good to hear some new stuff from you
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                      -Behringer 4x10 (don't judge me, sounds really good)
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                        i like it, the recording sounds amazing, not easy to record such dense music.
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                          Quote Originally Posted by karlw
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                          Nice! Really dig the recording - very dimensional.

                          Thank you. We put a lot of thought into it and we've been working on tones as well as tunes.

                          Quote Originally Posted by Soundstorm
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                          Sounds good Dave! Good to hear some new stuff from you

                          Thanks! It's good to have the guitar back on and the amp cranked up.

                          Quote Originally Posted by koen77
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                          i like it, the recording sounds amazing, not easy to record such dense music.

                          It's not easy to maintain a balance. We've been lucky that we're all happy to tweak things so that everything sounds good together.


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                            At work so just listened to the first track, I like it a lot. Nice work man!
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                              the cookie monster/ crabcore vocal parts caught me off guard and made me laugh but i liked most of it.