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this is the final straw. i am resigning.

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  • this is the final straw. i am resigning.

    good bye whoever decides to stay here. i am no longer a presence on internet forums.


    the open jam is too g.a.y. and nsfw to browse at work, and i'm pretty much permabanned from anywhere worth posting.



    this new platform is s.h.i.t.

    hcaf facebook group **bleep**.

    vbulletin **bleep**.


    **bleep** harmony central.




    the world is one big fist fight.

    Originally Posted by duncan

    I wonder what a persons life must be like if they're so easily affected by my posting on an Internet forum.

    Originally Posted by Rear Naked

    I saw 2 guys do it, and all they did was laugh really hard and say What The **************** a few times. No deaths or near-deaths occured.

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    Originally Posted by decode6

    Way to go primeholy, you've just killed Independent George.

    Originally Posted by Arpanoid

    I was meditating on the finer things of life and then I realized that PrimeHoly is the god of this forum. For real. no troll.

    Originally Posted by eudaimonia02912

    Just think: There must be thread ideas that pop in Charveldan's head, but which, after some thought, he rejects and decides not to post. Imagine how bizarre those ideas must be, if they don't even meet Charveldan's standards.


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      TOJ is SFW as long as you stay out of certain sections. Stick to the maps forum and you should be fine.
      Originally Posted by James Hetfield

      I AM THE TABLE!!

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        I hear ya Nelo, its frustrating


        Im going to see what happens in the next couple days (plus im starting a new job that wil take precedent lol) but i hear ya --- Its not user friendly and a pain in the **bleep**


        V Bulletin is better on so many levels, il give it a couple days and see what happens but patience is kinda thin

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        • Mogwix
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          who cares.


          the worst thing about the changeover is all the tards complaining. get over yourselves you idiots.

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        I agree ... I have been so productive at work lately.


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          Also sick of people complaining. No one gives a **bleep**. You and 9 others started the same thread.

          Don't let the door hit you. If I leave, I'm starting a thread about it. Especially when you'll probably come back


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            Excellent! 1 less person on my ignore list!

            My gear thread:

            webcast of ZED:


            • TurboRotary
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              This site sucks **bleep**.. If can cant see that then you must have **bleep** flavor in your mouth right now.

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            "this new platform is s.h.i.t."


            I agree.  It's awful.  There are too many other good (and easier to navigate) forums out there......

            Geezers can still rock, just not too late