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  • There has been 6 posts in the last hour here...

    Less than half a page in the past 14 hours...


    HCAF is dying...


    That is all...

    My project:

    Bogner Ecstasy 101b :: Blackstar HT5-H :: Trinity Triwatt DR103 clone (Click to view build thread)
    Bogner 4x12 :: Genz Benz 2x12 :: Homebuilt 2x12 loaded with (2) Weber FC12's for the Triwatt

    Great Transactions: Skaaks, Skunx, CARRguitar, Zacman0126, theweight, heatfromcold, Ricky Bobby

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    Alas, how will I ever find the right amp and maximize the tone of my current amp?


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      Hey let's whine a little more that everyone is leaving

    • Axe_34
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      No doubt the asskissers will be along shortly to refute this.


      I'm pretty sure MF management is looking at the traffic stats and freaking out.


      And if they're not, they should be. I've already signed up at two other forums and this is my first post here in awhile.


      Probably my last as well.

      TooWikipedia: Too (styled in lowercase as too) is the fourth album from Fantastic Plastic Machine and the follow-up to beautiful. ?

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    Great insight.. That's the type of info the administrators can use. Lol

    -Dimarzio Paf 7-$45 or trade for a Duncan custom 7

    -Mick Thomson Blackouts set- $110 or $100 for just pickups, no pots/harnesses

    emg 81 or 85. $50. I'm keeping one, so whichever one sells first..

    -Ibanez Ts9- like new $60

    -Modded ProCo Rat (pm for info) $70

    pm for pics

    Good transactions with- too many.


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      I guess my thing is that this site hasn't worked for a month now which has gotten me to spend less time here and then the new format doesn't have me scrambling back either although I don't hate it. I just have not been in the habit of posting for awhile and a somewhat indifference to the new look. Otherwise it isn't that bad and people are worked up about a whole lot of nothing if you ask me.......

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