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Hughes & Kettner ATTAX CAB

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  • arkore
    started a topic Hughes & Kettner ATTAX CAB

    Hughes & Kettner ATTAX CAB

    I'm about to buy a Hughes & kettner Attax 4x12 cab. What sound sweird to me is that this one is rated 400 watt instead of the normal 200 watt of the ones i'm finding infos on the internet. The 200 w ones also look different ( silver cloth grill, brand placed on top, while my one has sort of a velvet tolex, metallic semi transparent grill and brand placed in the middle). This makes me think that the same cab with the same name was produced in a first time rated 400 watt and with certain speakers and later rated 200 with different speakers and obviously different look. I can't find infos on the 400w one. Anyone here owns one? Can anybody here tell me what type and model of speakers the 400w sports?
    Thank you

    p.s. already written to H&K tech, they send me the actual cabs roster which obviously not includes the one i'm looking for that is out of production since like thousand years

  • yanus1
    Hi.. I just bought one of these also.. they have HandK "V12 Rockdrivers".. im not sure whatb they are but maybe the Eminence V12?

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