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    I'm the king of this mf habitat you other niggas best adapt or fall back. You wanna be me, cause I'm runnin this game like a **** referee. Call me wanted like a terrorist, you talking **** bitch I can care less. Silently blow a hole in ya chest, call it suppressed just took ya life nigga repossessed.

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    What's wrong with your head, dude, this isn't a "rap battle" joint, this is the HC guitar amp thread.

    Take your **** rhymes elsewhere and get your ass to somewhere that's got time; Using racial epithets makes you look like a douche and if you had any class you'd get your **** straight like Dr. Seuss; See, you're not the only MC here, and damn son it's very clear that you should probably just steer clear of this HC amp thread because you obviously don't belong here;

    See, there's this thing called "damn sense", of which you obviously have none because if you had any you'd be gone by now, but you're not so I'm done. 



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