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This forum sure seems slower and more mellow than usual

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  • This forum sure seems slower and more mellow than usual

    Is everyone feeling alright?

    Just found out my best friend from grade school, his brother died. I'm not sure what happened but he's only like 60 and was a pretty good guy... an engineer.

    Facebook .... see, people will never call and tell you crap, they just expect that you are planted on facebook and read everything they poast.

    That will be all. Thank you for reating htis far.

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    Same thing happened here. One of my cousins died in April. If you weren't on FacePlant, you just weren't going to find out about it. I was royally pissed that no one had the common decency to call me and let me know.
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    God, that's beautiful man! And they say romance is dead!


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      Sorry about your friend.

      Yeah, I know some people who are on Facebook constantly - which is fine - that's their decision. But don't expect that everyone else is going to see every single thing you type in there - some of us have other things to concentrate on; we're not hanging on your every Facebook utterance.

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        My condolences.

        It's funny that I have not been here in years and decided to pop in today to see how things are going. My main reason is that Facebook is turning into a cesspool of hate and I'm getting tired of the same crap every day...logging in even for a short time leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I think I'll hang here again.


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          I have been away for years and just stopped by today. I tried to post twice, and waited 5 minutes for it to go through and had to log out and lost the posts. I'd say that is a contributing factor as to why people bail on this forum.


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            Task, welcome back!
            As to the posting issues, are you posting from a phone or tablet? Apple or Android?
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              I found out too on NewYears eve that another friend who is barely 50 had a colon blockage deal and it's cancer. So that's going to be a rough ride for him. My Grandma had the same thing, they cut out the bad part and she was ok for a year but then it came back and that was it.