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Wise Words Wanted.. 1976 LP Goldtop

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  • Wise Words Wanted.. 1976 LP Goldtop

    I don't mind the chambers being routed for humbuckers..

    Wise words anyone? Seems to be a tempting offer

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    hmmm...serial number not legible? Routed for full size humbuckers? Personally, I would pass...if they don't have a serial#, how can you prove it is a 1976? Might be a great player, but the value is shot because of the pickup change, IMHO.
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      I have a '73 LP Deluxe on which the serial number was nearly impossible to read. During one of my "I really need to cut back on the gear" phases, I took some pictures and put them on line. They were huge and the resolution was good enough that I was finally able to read and research the number. I had mine routed for a full sized HB on the bridge, since the mini there was nothing special. I cannot imagine why anyone would take the mini out of the neck position, though. That was really where this guitar shone. Truly a thing of sonic bliss. Anyhoo, you may be able to get some pictures that would let you see the serial number well enough to confirm the vintage. These are great guitars at the price point and there are a lot of them out there. I'd play one that at least had the mini on the neck first, though, before I made up my mind. Good luck!


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        Cheers Gents,

        I'd love to play and check out more but that's where living in the stix rears its head again..

        Gotta take a leap of faith at some point. I'm sure it just dropped from 1899 to 1799??

        I'm away for a couple of weeks anyhow so guitar hunting is postponed for me..

        Probably do me good to step away !!

        I guess the right one comes along when your not looking like all good things..!