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  • I Feel So Dirty...

    We [MommaMack and I] spent the day [from 6AM until 9:30PM] as a poll worker yesterday. Today I find I was an unwitting enabler...I feel used...on the plus side, recreational marijuana is now legal in California...even though I rarely partake, this has been a long time coming.

    In the 'only in LA' column...a guy walks in early in the is Pat Sajak...[no Vanna ], later on a couple walk in... Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling...MommaMack was awed...

    Spoke with a friend who was planning to retire in Mexico...he is stepping up his plans so he can get in before they build that wall...and the Mexican government may do it on their own dime just to keep all the defecting Americanos out...!
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    Can't say I blame you. I was up late enough to figure out what the result would be. I wanted to burn my "I voted" sticker and the shirt it was stuck on.
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      Wow, pot out in CA? I wish they'd get it together in OHio ... not that I would do it much, but it's a better option than drinking IMO.


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        I didn't vote for either one of them. My conscience is clear and I have a license to bitch for the next four years.

        My wife tells me I wasted my vote, but I've just had enough of both sides.

        Something, somewhere has got to change.

        Maybe folks could just focus on being decent human beings?


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          No vote is wasted.
          Votes aren't wasted...people are [see above ]
          I have to think that the outcome was as much about Hillary not being the right woman to be the first woman POTUS [maybe Elizabeth 'Pocahontas' Warren will run in 2020], as it was about Trump's message of pre-WWII America First-er isolationist dogma.
          Middle America has reared up on its hind legs and said 'enough of the same old same old'....we shall see how this all plays out. We know politicians never fulfill their campaign promises...let's see if narcissistic billionaire megalomaniacs do.
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