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The best singer/songwriter ever!

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    man thats such a loaded question ..i read all the posts and only one guy mentioned warren zevon .. and he's from new zealand ..we oughta be ashamed of ourselves here in the states ..
    warren zevon
    don henley
    neil young
    billy joel
    john prine
    keb mo
    jackson browne
    karla bonoff
    and yeah i know zevon and prine and young too for that matter don't have the best voice but they can write a good song ..


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      As I look through this thread, I'm struck by the absence of

      Jerome kern
      Irving Berlin
      Lerner and Lowe
      Rogers and Hammerstien
      Rogers and Hart
      George Gershwin
      George M Cohan

      I have to admit with the exception of Gershwin, I'm not crazy about the music these men produced myself. It's the product of an earlier era, and like everybody else here, I don't relate to it. But these people have all spent their entire lives making music, and as musicians, we should at least be aware of what they did.

      Just a thought.
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        Big up for Joni Mitchell. Also Chuck Prophet and Richard Thompson (both of whom kick arse on guitar, also).