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    Originally posted by ralphster007

    Ummm... While I feel strongly that the man possessed divine, godly, inhuman talent and has few peers, I'm not sure if he fits the singer/songwriter bill. After all, the man was not a lyricist. Secondly, his work for the human voice doesn't (for the most part) rank among his best. Furthermore, he only composed a single opera, which is of course beautiful, but flawed just the same. Perhaps Mozart, Verdi, or Wagner (who'd probably be the best candidate, given that he wrote his own librettos) would be better suited to the title. As to whether any of them could sing (except through their compositions), we'll never be able to judge with our own ears.

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      Originally posted by Jack E Martling

      Awww come on, Fogerty's voice makes me want to keep on chooglin' for days on end. He's one of those kick-ass singer/songwriter/guitar players that just makes you want to throw your guitars, fountain pens, notebooks and vocal cords in the trash.

      I ment Ludvig didn't sing much (check with ralphster ) When I saw John F like 4 years ago
      with his new band... man... He just shined like a diamond.

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        James Taylor?


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          Bob Dylan
          John Lennon
          Bob Marley
          Neil Young

          We are a very tight unit, and I work with them to enhance the song rather than go off on long, pretentious guitar solos. I'm not a guitar player's guitar player. I'm a songwriter. I come from that Pete Townshend tradition: let the song take it's course and build a sound around it. -Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)


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            My favorite singer/songwriter is a guy named Tommy Flanders He only recorded one LP, called "The Moonstone" which was made in 1969, and never found an audience. But it is an exquisite album. The songs are all great, Flanders is (or was) a fantastic singer, and the guitar work by Bruce Langhorne and the late Dick Rosmini is some of the nices tuff I've ever heard.

            The fact that this album flopped, and Flanders never received the recognition he deserved, is a real shame.
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              Originally posted by Fred5

              I ment Ludvig didn't sing much (check with ralphster ) When I saw John F like 4 years ago
              with his new band... man... He just shined like a diamond.

              I saw him on that tour and he was great. The solo record he put out before that tour, Blue Moon Fever was a fantastic record. Supposedly he spent a good amount of time in Mississipi soaking up the atmosphere of the Deep South and woodshedding on the guitar before he made the record. Either way the shows were phenomenal, Rickenbackers, Telescasters, Les Pauls and Kustom & Vox amps out the old "yin-yang." Smokin' guitar tone, great vocals and killer songs to spare! You can't ask for much more than that.


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                Chuck Berry/John Fogerty...Rock 'n Roll

                Lennon and McCartney...Rock 'n Roll, Pop, you name it

                I love Merle Haggard

                How come nobody has mentioned Willie?

                And I know they really aren't, but I get a kick out of Jerry Jeff,
                John Prine, and Gary Nunn


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                  Dylan. Followed by nobody. End of story.
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                    My favourite singer/songwriter ever is...........................Dave Grohl! I know none of you will agree with me, and you will probably flame me for it, but that's what I think.


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                      Joni Mitchell


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                        Yall forgot Jim Croce.


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                          Originally posted by Wes_Powell

                          Elton John
                          Billy Joel
                          Lindsay Buckingham
                          Melissa Etheridge
                          David Bowie
                          Christine McKvie

                          I think we can now safely assume that Wes Powell is either a middle aged woman or an extremely sensitive man. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

                          Simple Exploding Man, knowing you like I do I think I would have flamed you if you didn't say Dave Grohl.


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                            I agree with Lennon and McCartney + Bob Dylan...
                            But how come nobody mentioned Jagger and Richards. Y'all got beef with The Stones?


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                              "Singer-songwriter" is actually a fairly recent popular phenomenon. The idea is that the performer (who also sings) plays mostly or entirely their own material rather than covers.

                              With a few exceptions (Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family, Bob Wills, etc.) this was a rare thing. Look at Elvis...the King of Covers.

                              When the folk movement of the very early sixties went pop (spelled D-Y-L-A-N) the impact of singer songwriters came to the fore, and then Lennon-McCartney got HUGE quickly. Myriad others who would have been mired in the obscurity of day jobs and night gigs in coffeehouses and bars instead became stars, icons.
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                                Originally posted by Jack E Martling

                                I think we can now safely assume that Wes Powell is either a middle aged woman or an extremely sensitive man. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
                                Or just not a sloppy slob.

                                We all ****************ed up and left Pete Townshend off the list.

                                We suck.

                                Originally posted by WulfmanJax:
                                ****************************s will be ****************************s. And even be assholier to others who point their assholiness out.


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