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The best singer/songwriter ever!

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  • The best singer/songwriter ever!

    Who is the best singer/songwriter ever?

    I'm going to cast 3 votes right off the bat for Merle Haggard. He's written so many great songs, his singing can't be beat, his bands have been great and he plays some pretty good guitar himself.

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    1) Neil
    2) JT
    3) Ben Harper
    4) Sarah Mcglaughlin


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      1. John Lennon
      2. Paul McCartney
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        Joni Mitchell?


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          2 names for you to shoot me down with:

          a. Mark Knopfler
          b. Gordon Lightfoot

          I would be interested in the responses of Rob Q and the other Canadian forumites as to the latter.

          Russ T


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            Ah! As Jack started the Country theme, what about the wonderful Dolly Parton, superb songwriter and excellent performer


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              Originally posted by babybatter

              3) Ben Harper

              I don't recall anyone on the Vets Forum ever uttering the words "Ben Harper." All Vets should check him out, he writes great songs, sings them well and plays awe-inspiring slide guitar on early 1900-s Weissenborn guitars. Ben Harper gets three thumbs up from Jack E Martling!


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                John Fogerty. If you x out "singer", I'd say
                Ludvig Van. He would also win the "best deaf pianist" award.

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                  1. Paul Simon

                  2. Cat Stevens
                  3. Don McClean
                  4. Billy Joel
                  5. Bruce Springsteen
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                    Originally posted by Fred5
                    Ludvig Van. He would also win the "best deaf pianist" award.

                    Ummm... While I feel strongly that the man possessed divine, godly, inhuman talent and has few peers, I'm not sure if he fits the singer/songwriter bill. After all, the man was not a lyricist. Secondly, his work for the human voice doesn't (for the most part) rank among his best. Furthermore, he only composed a single opera, which is of course beautiful, but flawed just the same. Perhaps Mozart, Verdi, or Wagner (who'd probably be the best candidate, given that he wrote his own librettos) would be better suited to the title. As to whether any of them could sing (except through their compositions), we'll never be able to judge with our own ears.


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                      Van Morrison
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                        Originally posted by Fred5
                        John Fogerty. If you x out "singer",

                        Awww come on, Fogerty's voice makes me want to keep on chooglin' for days on end. He's one of those kick-ass singer/songwriter/guitar players that just makes you want to throw your guitars, fountain pens, notebooks and vocal cords in the trash.


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                          Originally posted by babybatter
                          1) Neil
                          2) JT
                          3) Ben Harper
                          4) Sarah Mcglaughlin

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                            Paul McCartney
                            Elton John
                            Jimi Hendrix
                            Billy Joel
                            Little Richard
                            Lindsay Buckingham
                            Chuck Berry
                            Melissa Etheridge
                            David Bowie
                            John Lennon
                            Robert Cray
                            Mark Knopfler
                            Christine McKvie

                            Well, that's enough talent for the next 400 years of MTV music awards.

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                              1. Zimmerman
                              2. McCartney
                              3. Neil Young
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