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  • Anybody meditate?

    Anybody? Ive been trying for awhile but im having trouble. I had it for awhile but lost it now I can hardly do it. How do you do it? Any help you can give me?

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    I get on the internet and stare at the screenshot of my old pal....


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      Lobsang Rampa may be of some help.
      Professor Tom


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        The Buddhist Sutra of Mindfulness speaks about the meditation on the corpse: meditate on the decomposition of the body, how the body bloats and turns violet, how it is eaten by worms until only bits of blood and flesh still cling to the bones, meditate up to the point where only white bones remain, which in turn are slowly worn away and turn into dust. Meditate like that, knowing that your own body will undergo the same process. Meditate on the corpse until you are calm and at peace, until your mind and heart are light and tranquil and a smile appears on your face. Thus, by overcoming revulsion and fear, life will be seen as infinitely precious, every second of it worth living.

        To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem.
        To meditate means to observe.
        Your smile proves it.
        It proves that you are being gentle with yourself,
        that the sun of awareness is shining in you,
        that you have control of your situation.
        You are yourself,
        and you have acquired some peace.

        Drink your tea slowly and reverently,
        as if it is the axis
        on which the world earth revolves
        - slowly, evenly, without
        rushing toward the future;
        Live the actual moment.
        Only this moment is life.

        ~Thich Nat Hanh


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          There are many approaches, of course. In Zen Buddhism, beginning practice is always counting your breaths. Sitting with proper posture, eyes half closed and unfocused, one counts each exhalation from one, up to ten and then repeat.

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            I tried TM in the 70's. Didn't have too much luck. My Western mind cannot relax enough.
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              I tried TM in the 70's. Didn't have too much luck. My Western mind cannot relax enough.

              Try using tequila.


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                  Waiting for parody thread.....5...4...3...2...

                  Wait this is CJ....

                  It should be a coupla of days.


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                    I remember getting my TM mantra on a Saturday morning. Only thing was that I was hungover from partying at a Steve Miller concert the night before. TM didn't work for me. Anyone know why?
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                      I did for a bit... I had a rather peculiar experience.

                      I was at a basketball court, and I was bored and sick, so I commenced the Zen meditation.

                      I sort of ceased existing, and came to with my arm outstretched and holding a basketball that apparently was flying at me from my right side (I have no clue since I suddenly found myself holding a basketball) and I was still in "meditation position" facing forward. I had to turn my head to see what my arm was doing.

                      I remember beginning to meditate, and I remember coming out of it, but nothing in between. I was quite calm though afterwards, not a speck of emotion, not even anger or frustration that a friggin' basketball was probably whipped at my head, or that it took my out of my trance. I bet I was about to pull a Buddha and sit there for 49 days and become enlightened.

                      The dudes who's ball it was kinda looked at me like "wtf" and apologized as they awkwardly walked away looking sort of confused.

                      Damn basketballs!!! I never really meditated after that other than before fights (martial arts) or during fights, for no particular reason other than just "not feeling the magic". Pretty damn insane experience if you ask me...


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                        Where is Matisse when we need him?

                        I meditate all the keeps from killing about half the peole I work with...
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                          Try using tequila.
                          That will work
                          GB #270 in perpetuity

                          That's what's so great about the Internet:
                          It enables pompous blowhards like myself,
                          to connect with other pompous blowhards
                          in a vast circle jerk of pomposity.


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                            man i meditate every time i eat chilli!
                            sorry.. was thinkin of levitate.

                            i think i kinda meditate when i play guitar? like i focus on my playing so much i totally zone out, you have to touch me to get my attention, and i feel energised and refreshed after.
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                              A couple of my friends got into it as teens, but it never really got hold of me when I tried it.

                              Now that I'm older, I do yoga to keep myself fresh to play sports, and it includes a couple moments of meditation at the end. I can testify it is definitely much easier to get something out of the meditation after 12 minutes of yoga.

                              If you're interested, the yoga I do is AM Yoga by Rodney Yee, which no doubt can be found on Amazon.