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  • have u seen this

    this video is disturbing ............. in a freaky awesome guitar kinda way
    my new fav video!

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    What would you call it, it doesn't really fit my definition of music. The guy's got talent and manual dexterity that boarders on savaunte status, but I don't get it and my musical tastes are pretty ecclectic.
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      amazing playing, but we're stuck in cliche territory here, bordering the point of ridiculousness...
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        Yeah kind of boring to me.
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          your all joking right? Shawn lane has got to be in the top three best in the world... i think no ones posting cause everyones already seen it and it blew their minds


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            The guy's a great player, but did very little to hold my attention after the 4 minute mark.

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              Yeah, he can shred and most definitely has fantastic chops, but that particular song was quite boring. Looked like typical shredder scale wanking to me.
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                Shawn lane has got to be in the top three best in the world...
       are the one joking, right? You would put him over Holdsworth, DiMeola, Vai, Satch, Malmsteen, Johnson...
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                  he's got skill but is kinda lame...there's no soul in it....just my opinion
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                    Needs to get to a gym .... oke:
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                      i find this kind of guitar playing lacks a lot of taste.


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                        I saw Shawn play with Black Oak Arkansas years ago when he was a teenager. He had a definite talent, but not what I enjoy hearing. For those who don't know, he passed away in a Memphis hospital in 2003, after suffering with several long term illnesses.
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                          your all joking right? Shawn lane has got to be in the top three best in the world... i think no ones posting cause everyones already seen it and it blew their minds
                          Um...yeah, whatever. None of us have ever seen great guitar players before....
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