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    Anyone do it ?

    I've never done it but browsing Youtube for Christmas carols has reminded me just how fantastic big choirs can sound.

    There are clips of a mens choir called "Vocal Majority" who also put on a bit of a show, look for "Joshua fi't the battle of Jericho."

    Again this is something I never even considered doing when young but if I had my time over I would be first in line.

    A lot of the church music choirs sing is a bit ho-hum but when they cut loose and crank it up on some if the dramatic music and the more up-tempo tunes from the popular repetoire I just have to join in !

    BTW one of the songs which sparked my interest was the Pet Shop Boys "Go West",with the choir in the chorus,
    (the poster in no way endorses or promotes the lyrics of that song )

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    SATB choral singing is an amazing amount of fun. It takes a bit of practice, patience, and an ear if you're not used to reading music. I heartily recommend it.

    If you haven't done any choral singing at all, or just a little bit in high school, I would suggest joining either a church or community choir. Don't worry if it doesn't sound like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir right will get you used to singing parts. Position yourself next to a strong vocalist in the section you are singing in (pardon me, I don't know you, I'm assuming you're male) so that would be either tenor or bass. Stand next to someone who is strong and knows the parts, and follow them until your sight reading skills improve. It's always helpful to take your music home, and practice your part along with plonking the notes out on piano until you know your part well.
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