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  • Damn Musicians Friend

    I just ordered a fantom x from them a week ago and after ordering this little prompt popped up saying I was eligble for 100$ on my next order if I take this survey. So I click the link and it takes me to bizrate, I take the survey and thats that. 1 Week later I dont hear anything about my 100$ when I called musicians friend they said that was a bizrate thing,when I called bizrate they said it was a musicians friend thing.

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    Not damn MF, damn Bizrate.


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      You might want to keep that stuff quiet around here. You know this place is owned by MF, and for all we know they have automated searches on key phrases like "Damn MF" or "MF sucks" and you never know what might . . . huck . . . .gag . . .
      No offense intended, but (see above) . . .

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        oh knos I shouldn't have just eaten the free cookies they just sent me/