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Hit the big six-oh today

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  • Hit the big six-oh today

    Born way back in 1953.

    A couple of things I've learned in 6 decades.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

    If somebody says, "I don't want to criticize, but...", they want to criticize.

    If I pick up a guitar off the rack at the music store and I have to grunt to lift it, it's too heavy to have hanging around my neck for a four-hour gig, no matter how good it might sound.

    I pretty much sound the same on a cheap guitar as I do on an expensive one.

    My lead guitar playing will never be very flashy, but it gets the job done. I like to tell people I only know two licks, but I can play the hell out of them.

    What other people think about me is not my business. I stole that one from Michael J. Fox.
    Michael D. "I'm tired of rock-and-rolling Let's get married, Honey, let's go bowling" --Martin Mull

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    Congratulations! It's better than the other thing.


    The 60's were great for me. Yes, both the 1960s and my 6th decade.


    By the way, I admire your act!

    NOTE: The absence of smilies in this post should not be taken to mean that I think your post is stupid, nor that I loath, despise, or hate you; nor that I disrespect you and all your works; nor that I see you as victim or lawful prey; nor think you have the intellect of half a loaf of bread; nor that I find you disgusting or unworthy or otherwise hate your behavior, opinions, politics, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic background or language.

    F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!


    • daddymack
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      Being a fellow 1953 baby, I am staring down the barrel of that same gun...but I have plenty of time until December

      Happy 60th, Mike, and many more...we should get together sometime and hang out, or play...or something...since I am also a man of leisure, at least for the moment...before you move East.

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    I turn 61 Friday week.

    What blows me away is how fast the year has gone.

    Seems it was only last week I was counting down to 60.

    60 is a big one. Congrats.



    • silvershot
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      I've got four years on you but my woman is still here, most of my kids still love me, and I can still get my hands around the neck of a guitar so all is well. Happy birthday to you.

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    Happy decade birthday
    "Cherri is our resident mom/ surrogate wife/ diplomat/ arbiter of common sense...and we lubs her..."

    Triple Shot

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    • Smilin' Bob
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      Nice to  see you Cherri!

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      Hello. Cherri. I've missed your posts. I'm still performing "Cold Pizza , Warm Beer" at my rock and roll gigs.