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and I thought I was being so danged clever...

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  • and I thought I was being so danged clever...

    So I'm changing strings on some of my guitars to a lighter gauge (from .011 with a wound G to .010 with a plain G) and on one, the Resonator, the nut slots were too deep (I guess the .011 didn't go all the way down like the .010 did). And dangit, the string buzzes at the first F.  I started thinking...I really don't want to replace the nut, especially on one of my least expensive and least often played guitars, and I really don't have any way to adjust the bridge to compensate (it is a ceramic bridge on a 'biscuit'). So I pondered this for a day...

    This morning I decided I could fill the slot with superglue ( real harm done if I'm wrong). so I got some masking tape to cover the slots' end at the fingerboard, and a pin to spread the glue into the slot....and after I was done, I thought 'maybe I should have looked up 'nut repair' on the interwebz and gotten an alternate opinion on method/process', etc.

    So I did just that and wooomp! there was the same basic process being touted at several websites, with two minor exceptions...several said you could mix baking powder in with the glue, and no one used a pin to apply the glue, ensure the glue sank into the depth/length of the slot and flatten the 'overflow'.

    Lesson learned.  The Net is a fountain of information, and I could have saved myself a lot of cogitating and calculating by just typing in to Google....


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