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Famous guitarists you've seen live

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  • Famous guitarists you've seen live

    when i was in the US i got to see Satriani, Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Van Halen, and Tony Macalpine. 

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    The list is way too long to type, but one of my favorite shows was the year Jeff Beck had Jennifer Batten touring with him. :smiley-music017:


    • daddymack
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      in no particular order (*denotes more than once)

      Beck*, Holdsworth*, DiMeola*, Harrison, Hendrix, Townsend*, McLaughlin, Setzer*, Raitt, Gilmour*, Santana*, Howe*, Walsh*, Alvin Lee, Albert Lee*, Chuck Berry*, Duane Allman, Burrel, Atkins, Dave Davies*, Parkening, Almeida, gotta stop, my brain hurts...

    • Ultraworld
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      That was a great show. Jeff chooses his bands wisely. The shows were in small venues, making them even more special. I think the world of Jennifer Batten.

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    • uab9253
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      I've gotten to interview a few good ones:

      Steve Morse

      Eric Bloom

      Mark Farner

      Patrick Simmons

      Tom Johnston

      Peter Beckett (actually a better guitarist than he gets credit for)

      Rick Springfied (same as above)

    • Lonnie99
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      Not enough. In no particular order....

      Brian May twice
      Angus Young twice
      Guys from Whitesnake, can't remember their names (they're famous, I'm just old)
      Warren Haynes
      Walter Trout (unbelievable)
      Dave Davies
      Derek Trucks
      Keith Urban

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    Thousands. I'm not exaggerating. From 1976 till now, it's easily thousands. Big names & people I never heard of.