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Roland GR-30 Issues

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  • Roland GR-30 Issues

    I recently purchased a Roland GR-30, Driven using a GK-2A pick-up. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the GR-30 to produce synth sounds! I have the quarter inch guitar cable going into the Mix-Out Left jack. I know the pick-up isn't the problem, because the sensitivity meter picks them up when plucked. Did anyone else ever have these troubles? By the way I already reset the system, but said problems persist.
    I'm really excited to use this synth, so any assistance would be appreciated.

    Thank You!

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    I've decided to return the GR-30, as it seems to have issues that cannot be mended. If the administrators could delete this topic, I would be extremely appreciative.

    Thank You.


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      This past weekend I was playing a friends Roland Ready Fender Strat with the GR-55. It seemed a little quirky at times, but I guess that you more or less have to learn how to play around its quirks to get as proficient as Fripp and the others.
      __________________________________________________ very scary Tele!