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Good tenor sax sound for MIDI guitar?

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  • Good tenor sax sound for MIDI guitar?

    Hello; I play guitar in a function band and would like some opinions from anyone who uses a MIDI guitar rig for saxophone sounds. I have an *old* Roland GK-2A pickup on a Strat and the *old* Roland GR-09 (blue) guitar synth. The preset sounds itself I found underwhelming, although I liked it better when I layered the preset tenor and the 'overblown' tenor together. If I knew of a good source for the sax sound I would look more seriously at the Godin Tripleplay guitar to use as a guitar/saxophone/synth. (The Godin/Tripleplay, as far as I know, has to go into a PC or Mac instead of a guitar synth.)
    Other notes: I can't play jazz; we're talking more King Curtis, Bobby Keys style parts for your Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett covers. Also, I know a lot of what makes the sax sound like the sax is the blowing, vs the guitar's picking; I wonder whether a talkbox tube could be hacked to interact with a guitar synth somehow. Of course talkbox tubes and the resulting spit seem kinda gross to me.
    Thanks for any input.

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    The GR-33 & GR-20, both have some nice preset sax sounds. The GR-55 has some great capabilities, but you typically have to work to get the sound you're looking for.

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      I have a Godin ACS SA that I run through a Axon AX 100 Mark II and into a Yamaha Motif XS rack unit....that has some great sax sounds!