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Critique My Voice + Production on this Irving Berlin Cover?

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  • Critique My Voice + Production on this Irving Berlin Cover?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for a bit of feedback on a cover demo I just did a few days ago of an Irving Berlin song. I love this style of jazz/pop standard, so I did a cover of the song "How Deep is the Ocean" and mixed and mastered it into a "polished demo." I'm currently working on a series of demos to submit around to places that are looking for jazz and standard singers for events and things like that, like at wineries.

    The link to my soundcloud page and the track is below. I'd love for some constructive feedback on my vocal performance and the production choices I made while recording and producing the track because when I'm done making the demos I'm going to select the best out of them and re-record them at an actual studio that's not my bedroom and have them mastered by someone who isn't me lol.

    In return, I'll listen and provide constructive feedback for your tracks!!